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What opened my mind to the possibilities?

My awareness was twigged in 1973 when I was playing
as a musician in Orillia, Ontario. I was driving down Rama Road, near where the Casino is today when a dramatic accident happened directly in front of me. I screeched on my brakes, but the cars in front of me kept on driving and there was nothing of what I had just seen. I pulled over to the shoulder and shook for a few minutes, then drove to the resort where I was playing. Later that day I found out that the exact same accident, that I had pictured, had actually happened one road over at exactly the same time. It opened my mind to other possibilities.

 Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator Since 1982

How I got started

In 1982 I had a dear friend who was mentoring me spiritually. She got me into a spiritual circle of "deep-trance channel people".  We used to call it the “Spook Group”.  I was just a medium, but for two years every Sunday night we would meet and it really catapulted me forward on my Spiritual Journey.

One day this mentor came to my apartment, knocked on the door, and as I was saying hello, she locked the door, brushed by me.  Then she grabbed onto my wrist like a vice grip and pulled me toward the living room.

I asked, “ What are you doing?”

“Just follow me,” she answered.  “Sit down on the floor beside the couch.”  She lay down on the couch.

"What is this all about?” I asked.

“You’re going to take me back into a past life.”

“Like hell I am!” was my reply.

She insisted, “Close your eyes. I‘m going back." 

Well, I couldn’t move.  She still had this vice grip on my wrist, so I closed my eyes.  Instantly, I was in a fighter plane with her over the English channel as it crashed into the ocean.  The whole apartment became cold because we were under the water.  Within those thirty seconds I realized that I could see what people see and feel what they feel.

Now, I could have just left that experience and thought it was cool, but I worked at it and for thirteen years I did journeys  for free.  I call it my apprenticeship. Then in 1996, someone told me that with Karma, if there wasn’t an equal energy exchange, that the people I guided would owe me.  They asked, "Do you want to interfere with Karma?  When I emphatically said, “No!”  I was advised to balance things out.  It was recommended that I should charge a fee, money being energy.

This work is my passion.  As of April 22, 2004 I’ve been doing it full time.  In the past thirty plus years  I have guided 33,000 thousand individual journeys. Each journey is different and I continue to be amazed by the incredible discoveries and revelations that are revealed to the people I share the journeys with.  I feel privileged that I have been gifted with this ability to help people.

 How and Why I Can Do This Work

The three guides that work with me intensely during the sessions, are:

1) Metatron

Metatron, who is in charge of our life book, works with my spirit and is connected as a warrior Angel to Aries.

2) Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce helps me with my mind.  He was my father in Egypt in a past life. I’ve known him as a guide since 1982 and I’ve always called him Egyptian Joshua.

3) Christ

Christ works with my body to help me be in a place of unconditional love and feel what the people feel with an open heart.

I was born to do this work. It is extremely humbling to have these powerful guides, but the people I work with deserve nothing less.



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