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I am Allan Green, Master Past Life & Spiritual Journey Facilitator for over thirty-seven years and medium to connect you to your Higher Self and Over Soul. Both experiences help guide you toward a more  peaceful, loving, harmonious,  empowering, self-determining,  and fulfilling life.

In 37 years of doing this work I have experienced over 33,000 individual journeys with at least 8,000 people.  My success rate is 90-95% because it's not me doing the main work. It's my higher self and guides working with your higher self and guides.


unforgettable and compelling true life experiences from one man's spiritual journey.

A  life filled with traces of the extraordinary -  delve into how one man's unique gifts commingle with his dreams, aspirations and insights, his wings unfurl and take him to where few have gone before.  These stories remind us of life's ever-expanding possibilities.

"Our soul never ceases to be.  Each life we experience prepares and propels us toward the next life.   People dear to us also weave in and out of our life paths, though often in different roles."



Past Life and Spiritual Journeys:
These two experiences are significantly different, particularly  in approach.  However, the objective of both experiences is to guide you toward a more  peaceful, harmonious, loving, self-determining, empowering, and fulfilling life.  Let's look more closely at these experiences and please view the videos for even more insight.

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for empowerment and healing

Past Life Journeys - what journeys are and  what you will discover

Spiritual Journeys - how it helps you in  healing and energy

Higher Self Over Soul
Readings this "Higher" part of us truly shapes our destiny



This book delivers a meaningful message that might be the key to new beginnings.
 Wholly unforgettable, these stories are a startling bold account of life-changing experiences, stark realities, tender moments and countless mind-blowing mysteries, experienced by men, women and children exploring their past lives and embarking on their new spiritual journeys.  The miracle of their journeys is the truth of what they come to understand, but more importantly by awareness and acceptance, they were able to heal and find ways to live life more fully. 

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