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My Logo, or as the Japanese call it "my Mon" is very special to me.  People often say they are attracted to it - it has itís own power.  I designed it and here is its human and spiritual meaning.

I once did Samurai sword demonstrations, with live blade and real Samurai swords. When you look at this logo there is a sword, flute, brush, and bow. The whole logo or Mon is in the shape of a Tori, two straight poles and two cross poles at the top, which signifies in the Japanese Shinto Religion that once you pass under them you are on Holy ground.


The Samurai were not only good with the sword, many were also great musicians.  Hence the flute.  They were often writers of poems and verse or painters.  Hence the brush.  Samurai were also usually good with the bow and that is why I chose the spiritual Tori.

I loved this Logo/Mon and when I wished to print up cards in the mid 1990ís I wanted it to be a part of the card.  Because it was Samurai I thought I couldnít use it.  Then, I asked myself what do I want to do with the work? Immediately, I said to myself that I did not want to work in the lower three Chakraís, which to me represent society, control, and emotions (personality and self esteem). Then I said to myself, "No, I want to bring the personality and self esteem up into the higher Chakraís."

In a flash it all fit together: sword to the stomach, arrow to the heart, flute to the throat, brush to the third eye, and Tori for the spiritual to the top Crown Chakra. I could now use it as my Mon. 

Now you know.


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