In Person Sessions

I prefer being present within a person's energy and aura when conducting the journeys as the greatest success is achieved in this manner. 

I schedule appointments at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre and also travel to facilitate sessions across Canada and the States.


1. Check the calendar to see if I will be in an area near you.

2. We welcome you to The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre situated in the heart of Eastern Ontario's Land of Lakes for a day or longer stay.  Prices available upon request.

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4. Sometimes distance or the complexity of arranging a time or date only allow a session to be given by telephone or through Skype, etc.  

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Dragonflies: looking beyond the veil and past the illusion


A Typical Session and Duration

Typically, Past Life and Spiritual Journey sessions are 1 3/4 hours in length. It amazes me and the people I help how much can be accomplished in that time frame. At the beginning of the session I take about ten minutes to explain the process (how it works, and what can happen) and the different things you can choose to explore during the session.  After I have done my little talk, we discuss what it is you wish to learn or discover.  Many people have faith, are totally open, and wish to let the guides and the journey lead the way.  Others, when I explain the options they could explore, choose a more specific direction or objective.  Once it is decided what you wish to do, we start the Journeys."

Opening Talk

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Session Times at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre or in My Home

Sessions in our Home/
The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Center in Ompah are longer (2 1/2 three hours) for the same investment because there are less scheduling restrictions.  You come to my home and, while we have tea, I explain the process and answer questions. I also give a little spiritual counselling if needed.  I go on the idea that we get to a point where you have seen so much and felt so much  that you need to end the session so you can process.  What I mean is, that you can become super saturated with information and therefore need to stop the session to prevent overload.  This may happen only after many hours of journeying and then you need to take time to process on your own during your regular routine.

You Can Host Journey Sessions for Others

People often ask me to come to their home, business or spa to do sessions for one day, a weekend, or longer.  When possible, I will gladly travel to accommodate these requests.

Read the Hosting Guidelines for sessions requirements, scheduling information, what I require, and suggestions.


For those people who like testimonials I suppose I arrange to give you thousands.  They are nice to read, but then I feel it is too egotistical to present any on this Web Site. After all, it's about the person I work with and their private inner awareness, truth and empowerment that matters. The description of the process and my nature, in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, the enlightenments, revelations, healings, even miracles, revealed by their guides, shared from person to person is more than enough.

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