The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre


We are Catherine and Allan Green and welcome you to visit our home, The Goddess and The Greenman Man Crystal Earth Retreat and Healing Centre, in the heart of Eastern Ontario.   We offer a relaxing retreat stay for those who wish to take extra time or travel from afar to work with us and we also welcome people who just come for the day.

Our home with its very tranquil and spiritual surroundings has its own healing qualities and everyone who comes finds peace within our home and on the land.

Our retreat centre is quietly placed in Ompah in the "Land of Lakes".  We are surrounded by glorious stretches of uninhabited land, framed by brilliant blue waterways - all beautiful and  pristine.  From here, you experience one lake, travel but a few minutes to find another lake and a few minutes beyond you discover another and still another.



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Allan -
over 28 yrs experience,  facilitated 16,000 plus Past Life & Spiritual Journeys...more

Catherine  - nutritional counsellor, Life Coach,and  Zenith Omega Certified Master Facilitator & Teacher...more

Ompah is located 100 km south west of Ottawa

      Balance and heaL in tranquil surroundings  


Our home helps people to balance and to heal.  The land beneath our home is embedded with many veins of milky quartz crystals which heighten the vibration, and we have sacred portals on our land which empower meditation and communication with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Men and women of all ages come to The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre for customized retreats, workshops, or day sessions, to help empower themselves, their personal relationships, or for health and abundance.  Both Catherine and Allan are experienced facilitators and bring in other expert guest facilitators for customized workshops and special requests.


In addition we offer an exercise room, bio mat, chi machine, healthy, and happy food.

Health Benefits of the Amethyst Bio Mat

Chi Machine Can Help You De-Stress

Still more to enhance your retreat experience:

Music and joy can always be present.  Allan, a professional musician for twenty-five years sings, plays guitar, piano, flute, drums, etc. and leads Drumming Circles and singalongs at evening campfires.  At the retreat we have many different kinds of drums and musical instruments.  You can experience overtone chanting, singalongs at evening campfires.

We host campfires with singing and ceremony, and sacred fires.   We feed deer and wild turkeys and wild winter birds twenty feet outside our windows, and the occasional eagles swoops in.  We enjoy the spring, summer, autumn and winter each with its individual beauty and amazing energies.


It is our joy to share our sacred spaces.  Please send us an email or call ahead to plan your next retreat.  Open arms await you.


Allan & Cathryn Lee

The Green AL LEE Cats


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