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Zenith Omega Clearings, Teachings
and Zenith Light Body Acceleration

Zenith Omega™ is an ancient tool, recently made available again, using colour and intention to release blockages caused by unbalanced energy.

Zenith Omega™ is for anyone interested in healing and whole-ing for themselves, others, society and the planet!

Zenith Omega™ is energy work that re-establishes the link between mind, body and spirit.

Emotions, thought, issues and experiences are all energy and they can create blockages through the body, which suppress your intuition, imagination and creativity.

Imagine putting a layer of paint over an entire light bulb.  Let it dry then paint it again…and again…and again.  Soon the light from within will barely filter through, regardless of how much electrical energy is used.  This is similar to how dis-ease, dis-function and dis-harmony can paint layers of illusion over our lives.

Zenith Omega™ removes the layers so you can be in your full potential.  Once Zenith Omega™ has cleansed your field, the pure energy flowing from source, again moves through you as intended.  The brain and heart centers reconnect.  Your mind becomes alive with the Truth of who you are.  Your life becomes centered.  You become aware of a sense of Wholeness and effectiveness; your purpose becomes clear as you move forward along the path of your choice.

Zenith Omega™  works  with Light Color Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Sound with  Sacred Guides to dissolve blocks in the client’s etheric meridians, matrix system and allows for the reintegration of source energy back into the physical DNA thereby allowing more light to enter into the energy field of a person.

As acupuncture works on the physical meridians to create balance, Zenith Omega™ works on all meridians where everything starts, and is effective in reorganizing latent DNA, creating openings that support an individual in their path to wholeness.  With intent and the client’s Desire and the support of magnificent Etheric Guides, Zenith Omega™ facilitates the transformation of any unbalanced emotion or ailment and assist in spiritual transformation.

Zenith Omega™ was brought through in the 1980's, by William Whiltshire and his wife Annie.  Because the frequencies were so pure and high, few people could receive their benefits.  Now that the planet and the galaxy have moved into lighter frequencies, Zenith Omega™ can be utilized for all to empower wondrous growth and shifts in Health and Spiritual Awareness.



Facilitated by Catherine Green

For 37 years I worked with many healing modalities. As a Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Transformer for Hereditary and Karmic Frequencies, I was Divinely Guided to Zenith Omega™ an Energy Management System.

Zenith Omega Certified Master Facilitator Level 1-6
Master Teacher  Level 1 - 5 
Includes Light Body Acceleration


An increased feeling and sense of well-being

Clarity of Ideas and purpose

More self-confidence and personal power

Greater insight into one's self and others

Physical healings

Expansive abilities

Restoration of joy and laughter in life

Better communication and understanding in relationships

Feeling balanced and centred in a forever deepening experience of love.


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