Individual Session by Skype or Telephone

While I prefer being present within a person's energy and Aura when conducting the Journeys sometimes distance or the complexity of arranging a date and time only allow a session to be given by telephone, or through Skype.

I have had very good success doing sessions through Skype or over the telephone.  In fact I have facilitated many follow-up sessions this way.

How this works:  First you request to have a Journey's session and once I receive your request I will call you to discuss your circumstances and determine if a distance session will work for you.  If so, you and I will agree on a date and time for the session and then you will be asked to pay in advance for the session.  This can be on this website using and Email Money Transfer or using PayPal and its variety of secure services. Then I confirm the receipt of funds and the appointment so we can proceed.



Past Life and Spiritual Journeys
Skype or Telephone Session


Spirit Guide Skype or Telephone Session

Your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self and you are in control in these 'journey" experiences in which you will explore at least three to four of your Past Lives and all these can reveal to you. As a part of every session we meet with your Spirit Guides in your Soul light, and you may also talk with people passed over if you wish.

The information you acquire from this insightful experience should help you to advance your awareness and expand  your self-knowledge of your soul path.  You will garner other rewards such as the once-in-a-lifetime memories,  positive feelings, and you will embrace your life and relationships with more joy and purpose.  Hours, days or weeks after the journeys experience you will still find its rewards and insights coming to you.

Duration of a Distance Session is two (2) hours

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The Spirit Guides Session is focused on you meeting your permanent Spirit Guides in your Soul Light.  You will find out who your Spirit Guides are. You will embrace them and find out what they do for you, even their names.  You will be able to talk with people passed over.

This is a very intuitive Journey experience.  You will come away from it knowing that your awareness has evolved, your life's purpose will be more clear, and you will benefit from the continuation of the positive feelings and the wonderful memories from those you have met and talked with. 

Duration of this Distance Session is one (1) hour

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Higher Self and Over Soul Readings by Skype or Telephone



Because your Higher Self and Over Soul are with you continuously and forever, it is very advantageous for you to connect more consciously with them.  This will help you embrace the choices that empower your mission and purpose and passion. As well to find out why and how you do things with their help.  Often with the Over Soul we can find out who you really are in the universe and your true power and majesty on a cosmic level.

Duration of Session is 90 minutes

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Prior to payment we stress that you communicate with Allan to discuss your circumstances and determine if a distance session will work for you and also to agree on a date and time.

Contact Allan to Request a Skype or Telephone Session

Following your session you will receive notes about what took place during the session and a record of what your Spirit Guides said.



For those people who like testimonials I could give you 9,000 or more, I suppose.
They are nice to read, but then I feel it is too egotistical to present any on this Web Site. After all, it's about the person I work with and their private inner awareness, truth and empowerment that matters. The description of the process and my nature, in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, the enlightenments, revelations, healings, even Miracles, revealed by their guides, shared from person to person is more than enough.


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