Individual Sessions

When you undergo a Past Life Journey, Spiritual Journeys or a Higher Self Over Soul Reading it is a an individual experience between you and your spirit guides with me as facilitator working through my spirit guides.   Though sessions are conducted one on one, I encourage people to include someone they love to observe and share this new experiences with them. It makes the experience so much more special for the person journeying.  It is the type of experience that is almost impossible to explain to friends or family and may be a lifetime sadness that they were not present, especially when miracles and revelations occur.  Ideally it should be an uninterrupted experience. The friend or family member is an observer and may take notes.

Experience your Past Life and Spiritual Journey in Two Ways:

In person - Allan facilitates Journeys at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Center in Ompah Ontario.  He sometimes can arrange to do a Journey where you live as he often travels and may be in an area near you.  Read More

By Skype or telephone -
If the circumstances allow, Allan can do a Journey by telephone or through Skype.  He speaks to you about your situation or issues to determine if he will be able to help you before a Journey is scheduled. 
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The links above will answer questions like:
How long does a session last?
Will Allan come to my community and do sessions for a group of people?


Opening Talk

Before Allan does a session he gives a short opening talk so that the person has a better idea of what to expect during a session.  Here you can view a video is similar to one of those talks.  View Video


Does Allan have testimonials?

For those people who like testimonials I could give you 9,000 or more, I suppose.

They are nice to read, but then I feel it is too egotistical to present any on this Web Site. After all, it's about the person I work with and their private inner awareness, truth and empowerment that matters. The description of the process and my nature, in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, the enlightenments, revelations, healings, even Miracles, revealed by their guides, shared from person to person is more than enough.


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