Guidelines for a Successful Journey

There are many details that will make your experience more successful, enjoyable and rewarding.   Please do your best to follow these guidelines to ensure more opportunity for a successful Journey.

Read the procedure so you will know what to expect, the list of what you will need, and what you mustn't do, and the cautions and disclaimer so you will have no surprises, except the good ones from the Journey itself.




What you will need:

Once you have submitted a request for a phone or Skype session you will be contacted by Allan to verify your contact information and discuss the Journey experience.  

You will receive an email from Allan confirming details, a request for payment of the fee for the session and the necessary instructions.

Once your payment is received you will receive a confirmation email or telephone call to confirm the date and time for the session that has been mutually agreed upon.

Allan will contact you approximately fifteen minutes prior to the start of the session to prepare for the specific issued that you wish to be addressed and tune in.

The session begins as promptly as possible.  If you are not available within thirty minutes of the designated time, Allen will deem you not present and will arrange another appointment with you.

Be prepared to work with Allan beyond the specified time.  Sometimes the guides dictate a longer session in order to properly and successfully deal with an issues or situations that has manifested.



1) You should prepare to experience the Journey while you are laying down, but a comfortable chair is acceptable.

2) Choose a quiet room with no sound intruding from the outside that is closed and private, and can be made dark.

3) Prepare the room so it is warm, cozy, and comfortable - with clear energies and clean.

4) You should have 3 pillows, two pillows for under your head and one for under your knees.

5) One blanket.

6)   A washroom nearby is mandatory, people often release toxins in their body, and this manifests in having to go to the washroom.

7)   A box of tissues.  Yes their can be tears due to revelations or pure joy.

8) If you can use a headset or an earpiece to free your hands it will allow you to relax and focus better.

10)  You are encouraged have someone you love share in this new experiences with you. It should be someone open and who believes in reincarnation, and Spirit Guides, and other possibilities.  Their role is one of listener and observer.  They can take notes.  It may make the experience so much more special for you, if you can talk about it afterwards, especially if a revelation or miracle occurs.





Please be advised that:

1. The guides are in control so by just participating in a Past LIfe & Spiritual Journey session the guides will show you exactly what you need to see and feel.

2.  Because Allan cannot be there to guide in person he cannot be responsible for your complete success.  He as a 98% success rate when guiding sessions in person and a 95% success rate when doing distance sessions.

3. Certain aspects of a distance session cannot be controlled.  Your home environment with the potential distractions of children, pets, outside noises, other people, or unforeseen circumstances may not be a conducive environment for complete success. That is why your preparation is so important.



For your benefit and to increase your opportunity for success:

Do not burn incense, or a candle.

Do not have any music on please. The music and rhythm of your voice is what Allan requires to guide you.   

Recording is not permitted; the reasons are numerous and here are a few:

First, you will sees and feels the experience and it will be graphic and stay with you for life. People who did a session ten years ago remember it like yesterday.

Second, one-third of the sessions is seeing, another third is feeling, and the remainder talking so there is not very much to record.

You will likely not work as hard if you feel that you can listen to it afterwards.

The sessions are extremely private and intimate, and you may not want to risk the possibility of a recorded session being heard by someone else.  When another person is not fully informed they could cheapen or diminish your experience   and negate the love, healing and awareness you will gain.


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