This book reveals unforgettable and compelling true life experiences from the spiritual journey of Allan Green.

Allan has lived a  life filled with traces of the mystifying and the  extraordinary.  His  true stories  remind us of life's every-expanding possibilities,   and will enhance a person's  spiritual awareness  for healing and  empowerment.

"Our soul never ceases to be.  Each life we experience prepares and propels us toward the next life.   People dear to us also weave in and out of our life paths, though often in different roles."


This book delivers a meaningful message that might be the key to new beginnings for you.

One might initially presume this book to be a work of fiction, but it certainly is not.  For more than thirty-five years before writing this book I guided men, women, and children through their Past life & Spiritual Journeys.  In that time, I shared in some remarkable experiences.  This book describes some of those experiences.  Even more significant were the countless revelations and truths that were derived from the experiences.  As it did for these men and women who gained insight, release, serenity or courage each new moment became immeasurably uplifting to me.

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"I believe that my life is jam-packed with AH inspiring eye-openers and truths, knowledge much too important to keep to myself.  Though they may not be mainstream, these truths are very relevant to the spiritual development and empowerment that others might realize from sharing these stories.  I also believe that I have an obligation to honour these truths and impart this knowledge to you as well as to future generations."

Revision the possibilities of your life while exploring Allan's past lives and his spiritual journey.

Read an excerpt of Pastlife.allan


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