Spiritual Journeys

A Spiritual Journey is a profound experience, unlike a physical journey, because it is experienced on a different level or frequency.  On a Spiritual Journey your Spirit Guides are unveiled for you  and you get to find out how they help you through signs and symbols and verifications put in you path. You are the one who has to make the move forward, then they have full permission because of free will to support and guide you on your path and destiny. Sometimes guides positioned behind you will gently nudge you forward, when you need to move on something, or the time is right to act.

Your Spirit Guides are entities that watch, teach, heal, and help you on your physical journey. Each guide comes to you for a specific purpose - healing, creativity, help with problem solving, to bring you into greater spiritual awareness.  They work above you, around you, with you - to guide you, based on your needs, on your particular path or soul's purpose.  They are there if you need them.

A Spiritual Journey has no limits and boosts you on your spiritual path and you can make more sense of your life.

Some people feel they don't belong here on this planet.  Perhaps you are an extraterrestrial (I've seen over 582 alien species and home planets). We can go home to your home planet and see why you're having a hard time as a human.  This can be life-enhancing.  Home could be a apart of heaven, or another dimension.

Some people are earth angels and don't know it!  (I've met thousands since year 2000.)   You may feel and see your wings open up! Earth angels sometimes have some of the hardest lives because they are learning so much, so that when they go back into their Angel state they have more compassion and understanding. 

As well, some people see that they are fairies in human form, as they chose to be a fairy, Elf, pixie, sprite first, before becoming human…or they see themselves as a Dragon in human from.  I have met sixteen people who are such. Plus, many people have reincarnated who are creator Gods to help the planet and its inhabitants with the final stages of ascension. They were here to help form earth and have now returned to help her complete her evolution.



You may be shown your inner child to help remove blockages this life.  We will go into your soul light, and meet your spirit  guides, even their names, to find out how they help you.  You can telepathically communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed over, when you are in the safety and protection of your sacred light.

Any journey we do you can go back to the next day.  For instance, once you meet your guides you can go and be with them time and time again for healing and energy.  It is important to note that the Guides we meet during a session are your present permanent Guides, and may stay with you for life, if you just choose to live a normal life and do your best as a nice person. However, if you are choosing to advance and move forward on your spiritual path with more openness and intention, then your Guides might change. Because a Guide may only be able to take you so far, it might leave and a more highly evolved Guide might come in to take you to the next level. My Guides have changed many times, not because I am any better than anyone, I have just been pushed forward by the spiritual work I do by choosing to be more aware and help more people. I do write down all about your guides for you, (where they are what they are doing for you, for instance) so that you can take it home with you, after a session!

Maybe a year down the road you say to yourself, gosh, nothing really has changed, but I really feel different…it could be because you have a new Spirit Guide or two. Because you have the description of your guides, you can go back into your Soul Light and be with your Guides and see who has left and who is now of service. This is a way that you can update yourself in the future.  

There are magical dimensions, where Fairies, Merlin's and Dragons may be shown.

All Sessions are Private & Confidential

Distance Sessions by Telephone or Skype
Some situations warrant  the spirit guides to allow even first sessions to be given from a distance, by telephone or through Skype, especially when an individual's well being is in stress or jeopardy. Learn More About Experiencing a Distance Journey

Individual Sessions in Person
Individual session are often held at
The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre, but can be done in the privacy of your home, or where Allan is scheduled to be.  Learn More

Sessions are 1 3/4 hours in length if I travel to your location, or 2-3 hours if the session takes place in our home in OMPAH, Ontario, Canada.


Allan also gives talks that you can attend. Check the calendar or arrange for Allan to make a presentation in your area.



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