Past Life Journeys

Do you wonder about your past lives. Do you have any? Who were you?  How did you live?  How did you die? Are their any similarities to your present life?  How is your present life affected by your past lives?

All these questions and more that could be investigated and answered by doing a Past Life Journey.  It may come as no surprise to discover this isn't the first time you've been here, each past life has been a stepping stone to the next life.   This may not be the first time that you've displayed a natural talent, skill, or accomplishment; nor is it the first time you followed a specific career path, or taken an interest in a particular subject, and it may not be the first time that the people around you, family and friends, have impacted your life in some way.

Past Life Journeys  help you to find out information and in so doing often clear away blockages that hold you back.  When doing a Past Life Journey we can find out how you knew someone in a past life.  When we do this the person's spirit is obligated to go back with you, so that if you view a conflict in a past life and resolve it, the problem can often be cleared up now.  It is also possible that some tremendous awareness will be made known to help you make clear decisions in this life.


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You could have been a spirit guide for someone you know in another existence and that is why you know them perfectly spiritually but as humans there is terrific conflict.      

We can find out why you have a certain fear or phobia.  We can check out if you had a spiritual life as a healer or energy worker. We might find your mission or passion.  There is a 90% chance you were already doing what you love, with total success and happiness, in a previous life.  We can bring that energy and feeling forward to do that work again, or even relate it to something better.

You can find out why you have a powerful draw to a country (like Egypt or France, for example) or a culture, (like Native or Tibetan, etc).

I also help to remove vows and curses that affect this life.

I have a dozen methods of doing past lives.  My favourite is one that enables you to find out exactly the information you require.  My second favourite is a method that you can use to access your own past lives in the future.  While it is better to work with someone, like me, people have had great success with that method if they choose to do so on their own. The more you can clear up the better.

All Sessions are Private & Confidential

Sessions by Telephone or Skype
Some situations warrant  the spirit guides to allow even first sessions to be conducted from a distance by telephone or through Skype, especially when an individual's well being is in stress or jeopardy. Learn More About Experiencing a Distance Session

Individual Sessions in Person
Individual session are often held at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre, but can be done in the privacy of your home, or where Allan is scheduled to be.  Learn More

Sessions are 1-2 hours in length if I travel to your location, or 2-3 hours if the session takes place in our home in OMPAH, Ontario, Canada.


Allan also gives talks that you can attend. Check the calendar or arrange for Allan to make a presentation in your area.



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