Hello, my name is Allan Green.  I'm a facilitator for you to experience Past Life and Spiritual Journeys and I am of service as a medium to connect you to your Higher Self and Over Soul. 

These two experiences are significantly different, particularly  in approach.  However, the objective of both experiences is to guide you toward a more  peaceful, harmonious, loving, self-determining, empowering, and fulfilling life.  Let's look more closely at these experiences and please view the videos for even more insight.

Past Life & Spiritual Journeys

Past Life Journeys help you to find out information and clear away blockages that hold you back.  It may come as no surprise to discover this isn't the first time you've been here, each past life has been a stepping stone to the next life.

If you went back into your past lives and just saw them you might forget it like a dream, but because you actually see and feel your past lives the experience stays with you for life, you never have to record these journeys.

If you were deeply into a past life, and said, "Allan, I have to go to the washroom," you can literally get up and go to the washroom, come back and go right back into the past life you were viewing.

A Spiritual Journey has no limits and boosts you on your spiritual path and you can make more sense of your life. You may be shown your inner child, maybe go into your soul light, and meet your spirit  guides, to find out how they help you.  You can telepathically communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed over, when you are in the safety and protection of your sacred light.

I've been guiding people through their Past Life & Spiritual Journeys since 1982. At that time I found out that I have the psychic and spiritual ability to see what you see and feel what you feel; I don't get emotional so I don't get drained.   There is no hypnotism involved or putting you in some deep meditation or trance-like state.  These are Journeys not readings! Learn More

I have done more than 27,000 journeys.  

I have a 90-95% success rate, because it's not me doing the main work. It's my higher self and guides working with your higher self and guides. When you make an appointment with me our guides get together and plan what is going to be shown and happen for your highest good! Negative situations rarely occur, because we sense them coming and just don't go there.

There has been well over 1000 people who have totally healed pain that they have had all their life, because it comes from a wound in a past life.

Amazing awareness, healing or sometimes even a
miracle occurs.  I do not take credit for this, I just take
credit for being of total focus and service to you.

Higher Self and Over Soul Readings

I also am also of service to you as a medium for Higher Self and Over Soul Readings.  Though the connection we have with our Higher Self and Over Soul is one of total trust and loyalty, sometimes individuals need a little help to establish a deeper cognisant connection with their Higher Self and Over Soul. Learn More





Allan describes what takes place in a session, his role in your journey experience, and what outcomes you can expect.

Past Life Journeys -
what journeys are and  what you will discover

Spiritual Journeys -
how it helps you in  healing and energy

Higher Self Over Soul
this "Higher" part of us truly shapes our destiny

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Anytime Anywhere Therapy

While I prefer being present within a person's energy and Aura when conducting the Journeys some situations warrant the spirit guides to allow a distance session to be given by telephone or Skype, especially when an individual's well being is in stress or jeopardy.  Learn More


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