Empower Yourself



Feel Happy to be Alive with Positive Feelings

Empower yourself and your mind, body and spirit  will converge so you are better able to define each of your days  into a great day,  feel happy to be alive with positive feelings, health, balance, confidence and most importantly purpose.

Aspects of Empowerment

There are many aspects of empowerment - fitness, attitude, diet, inner peace, honouring others, loving and giving, having purpose.

Empowerment Tools

Our tools of empowerment may come to us in several forms:

  • guidance or resources

  • people

  • experiences and their many revelations and enlightenments

  • implements that aid us on the road to better health and fitness

  • connections that create harmony and balance in our lives and bring us love and peace.

Helpful Healing Tools

In order to live a healthy life, maintain a positive outlook and achieve balance and purpose it is important to recharge our batteries, energize ourselves and remove physical stressors.   Sometimes we need physical help to put ourselves into a position to attain  our goals.  Allan uses and recommends some therapeutic devices or energy work to assist in this regard.  Learn More About Healing Tools and Therapeutic Devices

Allen Helps You to Empower Yourself

When Allan facilitates a journey or connects you to the spirit and personality of your higher self,  you gain awareness that help you to achieve balance in your life.  He acts as a guide to connect you to people, places, and experiences that help you to gain knowledge, equilibrium, and synchronicity in your life.

He can do this in person or in phone session.

Speak with Allan to determine what will work best for you.

Contact him today.

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Higher Self Over Soul Readings

Telephone Sessions

Help Empower Others 

We often empower ourselves by giving attention to the needs of others through our helpfulness, by actively listening, offering forgiveness, providing opportunities, simply listening and believing.






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