Congratulations.  The experience and insight you will gain through exploring your Past Life & Spiritual Journeys with Allan will empower you.

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EFORE you purchase or book session
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Your Spirit Guides are involved in these "journey" experiences in which you will explore at least three to four of your past lives and all these can reveal to you. You may also talk with people passed over.

Duration of Session is two (2) hours
$180.00 including all taxes  - payable in advance


The Spirit Guides Session is focused on you meeting your permanent Spirit Guides in your Soul Light.  You will find our who your Spirit Guides are. You will embrace them and find out what they do for you.  You will talk with people passed over.

Duration of Session is one hour
$120.00 plus tax payable in advance





Because your Higher Self and Over Soul are with you continuously and forever, it is essential for you to connect more consciously with them,
so you may embrace the choices that empower your mission. These are a one time reading, that is recorded and a CD or USB of the session is provided.

Duration of session is 90 minutes
$160 plus tax payable in advance


Allan hosted a weekly radio show on the 7th Wave Network . 
He spoke intently about Past Lives and Spiritual Journeys and how they relate to relationships.  He discussed the main reason we are all here on Earth.  Through his insights he helped many people to ease their awareness forward in an informative and deeply spiritual way.

Each of Allan's radio programs will be available for download soon - 13 Episodes, more than 12 hours.





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