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True Life Experiences


Pastlife.allan is based on the true-life experiences of the author.  Other than historical figures, the names and characters are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons, businesses, companies, or events, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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To my Catherine, who is my miracle, best friend and mentor in love and life.  As we wake up each day looking for new ways to make each other's life easier, you say, "Let's bring heaven to earth," and it happens.

There is joy and happiness in your presence and in your soul.  I ground you down, you ground me up. You are my muse, my inspiration, my divine compliment in all we do. You take my breath away on a constant basis with your beauty, passion, and intelligence.

To everyone who has empowered Catherine and me:  you have taught us lessons and supported us on our path, both on the human plane and in spirit, and we thank you for your love and guidance.  We are humbled beyond measure to be of service as we help heal and uplevel people with awareness on their journeys.


Message from the Author

One might initially presume this narrative to be a work of fiction, but it certainly is not.  For more than thirty-five years guiding men, women, and children through their Past life & Spiritual Journeys, I have shared in some remarkable experiences.  This book describes some of those experiences.  Even more significant were the countless revelations and truths that were derived from the experiences.  As it did for these men and women who gained insight, release, serenity or courage each new moment became immeasurably uplifting to me.

I believe that my life is jam-packed with AH inspiring eye-openers and truths, knowledge much too important to keep to myself.  Though they may not be mainstream, these truths are very relevant to the spiritual development and empowerment that others might realize from sharing these stories.  I also believe that I have an obligation to honour these truths and impart this knowledge to you as well as to future generations.

You see, I was blessed with more than normal intuition.  I have an extraordinary extrasensory gift, the ability to see what people see and feel what they feel as they experience a Past life or Spiritual Journey.

In the beginning, I found it mind-boggling to fathom what was happening, that I could so easily be experiencing impressions or energies from the distant past, the spirit world, or a different dimension.  Even more astounding was that while I was observing such vivid imagery I was going through the same emotions as the men and women with whom I shared the journey.  Not just empathy but an incontrovertible, absorbing connection to their emotional network.  Yet, after each journey I was left unburdened by those emotions.  The same holds true today, even after more than three decades, through countless journeys of experiencing such a multitudinous range of situations and emotions.

This gift almost tiptoed into my life.  I led a full life and thought it was rather ordinary.  My nine-to-five day job driving a delivery truck allowed me time and resources to pursue my music career – still a passion of mine.  That schedule along with activities with family, friends and the odd romantic involvement kept me busy.  What wasn't ordinary was that I saw things that apparently no one else could see, but at the time I figured it was just glimpses of psychic ability and that many people were like me.  By the time I realized how different I was, my life was being impacted by this ability and I came to a crossroads in my life.

With no measurable way to even imagine the scope of this ability at that time, I asked myself why.  Why me?  How could this be happening?  What purpose might it serve? Of what greater good was such ability?  You see, I am a man who needs purpose. At the time I thought that entertaining people through music was that purpose, and I certainly wasn't keen on giving that up.  On the other hand, I certainly could not discount the extraordinary gifts and events that had begun to engulf my day to day life. This was not a gift one could forget or bury in some treasure box.  More importantly, I couldn't turn my back on the people.

People came to me to experience a journey, some out of curiosity, some seeking relief or guidance.  There was some kind of force that drew them to me and at the same time some force made me pay closer attention to their needs.  They were hurting.  In their past life journeys I witnessed traumas, offenses, injuries, and fears that suffused their past life journeys but, at the same time, I also discovered that each person could safely revisit these past life experiences and not feel harmed.  For them it was like watching a movie of one's emotional life evolving over a very long period of time.

Each journey was a revelation, for the people who journeyed and for me.  Together, we would study these extraordinary experiences.  They could see how a past life was afflicted and identify similarities to distress, turmoil, or sadness in their present life.  Past life conflicts or traumatic events had an affect or was an impediment to their present life decisions, relationships, and their overall emotional, psychological and physical well-being.  In a past life journey we were able to view these struggles or distressing connections and resolve the issue or purge these harmful influences.  By learning where the challenge or problem originated and what triggered it, the person felt better able to understand his or her current beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, as well as identify ways to prevent similar harmful encounters in the immediate future.

I came to comprehend how past life wounds manifested, influenced, and triggered new kinds of wounds or harmed the sufferer throughout past lives, and carried pain into their current life.  I asked myself, what am I supposed to learn from them?  How will what I learn help another person?  I came to the realization that the miracle of the journeys is the truth of what we come to understand and accept, and that by awareness one can heal and find ways to live this present life more fully.

I derived meaning from my ability.  How could I turn my back on people, especially after so many had expressed how a Past Life or Spiritual Journey positively impacted their lives, using phrases like finding peace, what a weight off my shoulders, release, graceful acceptance, I can finally forgive and mean it, like having the keys to a more peaceful existence, I finally understand...

I'd been told repeatedly by these men and women that after the journeys their lives made more sense.  The awareness and enlightenment they derived from these journeys became, for them, life-changing.

My life changed as well. I realized that I was the protective catalyst in each and every journey, the buffer for their emotional truths, the one trusted by the guides to help these individuals through their journeys.  For some reason I became an amplifier, able to enhance the experience for the people to see more vividly and with heightened awareness.  It was my ability to communicate at several different levels of awareness that allowed me to help people in a way that seemed few others could.

There was no question of the higher purpose for which I was chosen, so I became totally invested in this extraordinary part of my life, entrusting my whole being to my own spirit guides and dedicating myself to facilitating people through their Past Life & Spiritual Journeys with the help of their guides.  I came to believe that there was no reason to do past life work unless it serves, heals, or enhances awareness and well-being this life.

Since I made that decision, three decades have gone by.  I've partaken in thousands upon thousands of journeys.  I have been taken in whatever direction the spirit guides chose to take the men and women to whom I have been of assistance.  Within their past life journeys I've beheld the places, people, and situations that had noteworthy personal meaning to them.  I've seen them respond by sitting quiet and reflective, raising their hands in recognition, grasping their hearts in relief, and lifting their chins to let silent tears course down their cheeks for the serenity that washed over them.  Through their spiritual journeys, I've seen spirit guides being unveiled for them, the breadth of an angel's wings, and the unbreakable bonds of love and family being affirmed.  I've witnessed men and women become familiar with some of life's mysteries and shared in the experience of spiritual journeys that have no earthly limits.

Nothing can be more rewarding than experiencing each and every moment as these men and women have been boosted on their spiritual path.  I've seen first-hand how spiritual enlightenment connects to the foundation of their values and beliefs, uplifting that person's well-being and prompting feelings of reassurance, comfort, hope, stimulation, direction, or self-approval.  So many people, so many memorable journeys, so many life-changing experiences filled with stark realities, tender moments and countless mind-blowing mysteries.  All of them seen in my mind's eye and felt in my heart.  As of the moment of this writing I have facilitated more than 27,000 individual journeys.

This book delves into some of those past life experiences and recounts some of the more memorable and profound ones.   I've seen miracles and revelations that changed and helped heal lives and my hope for you is that, as you read the stories, you might find more meaning in your life.  Some of the experiences may be unbelievable or represent concepts that may be unfamiliar to you.   Some people might describe them as unreal.  But they are very real.  Until I saw for myself, they were unknowable to me, too.  Even inexplicable, unfathomable.  And it turns out to be so much easier to witness or partake in these extraordinary experiences than trying to label or describe what they are in common human terms, especially the newness and clarity of the feelings that can envelop you, humble you, and awaken you.  From what I share with you in this book, take what you will; let the other go if it does not fit with your beliefs.  At the very least let these stories act as a reminder of life's possibilities of what our immense evolving universe is capable of providing for each of us, and what each of us can do for ourselves and for each other.

Please remember that I've been witness to these experiences with many men and women.   Since none of these individuals would want their personal stories to be in the public domain, names and locations have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Because their stories parallel with events in my life as well, this book will give you a glimpse into many corners of my mind, heart, and day-to-day life – call it autobiographical in that it is about how my life and work evolved.



The author's young life is filled with traces of the extraordinary, and as we delve into how his unique gifts commingle with his dreams, aspirations and insights, his wings unfurl and take him to where few have gone before.


The Green Zone is a place of harmony and renewal where two people finally come together as twin flames.  Amid fascinating history, sacred portals, heightened vibrations, and the natural rhythm of nature there is connection, synchrodestiny, truth, revelations, and healing.


 - Our body may wither and die, but our soul never ceases to be.  Each life we experience prepares and propels us toward the next life.   People dear to us also weave in and out of our life paths, though often in different roles.


 - Have you ever wondered why you have an awareness, ability or easy understanding of something?  Being able to trust in ourselves can be empowering.


 - In real life mystifying, magnificent and bizarre things do occur –these incredible experiences provide insights meant to help each of us become one with the universe.


Part One

Flashes of Insight


Sorting Out the 1970's Circus

When we are growing up we often don't see our lives as that different from a cousin, school friend, or neighbour.  It is after we are exposed more to the world that we notice the differences.  In retrospect my young life was filled with traces of the extraordinary and I didn't recognize these occurrences as anything but normal for any child my age.

My first detection of a spirit entity was in 1969, at a Shakespearian production of Hamlet at the Stratford Festival Theatre.  Sitting with my wife at the time, we had low seats near the front, low enough that we could see the darkness behind the actors.  A well-known lead actor was reciting his monologue when thousands of threadlike illuminated lines zeroed in on the silhouette of a spirit standing right on a spot immediately next to the actor.  I knew this spirit wasn't one of the actors because of how he was dressed.  The other characters wore Elizabethan costumes while this male presence stood out in white pants, white deck shoes, a horizontally striped navy and white shirt along, with closely cropped hair and a minor goatee.  This spirit divided his attention between the lead actor and the other supporting actors as if trying to view their reaction to the lead actor's speech.  Then the spirit disappeared.  To me it seemed to be a spirit associated with the lead actor.

I tried to tell my wife about what I was seeing, but she shushed me up.  I tried to detect that spirit elsewhere on the stage or summon it again, but, by then, the monologue was finished and the actors were moving about, and it was lost.

After that I saw many more spirits.  Believing is seeing.

In the 1970’s, I could see a spirit as clearly as if I could see you.  I would walk into a room of twenty people and see forty or fifty spirits around them. The spirits knew I could see them and some of them would wave.  Sometimes, I would wave back and people would politely ask, "Who are you waving at?"  There were times I did not know who was real and who was a spirit from another dimension.  I would be at a party having a great conversation with a guy in the corner and realize it was a spirit.  I'd say, "You're dead aren't you?"  He would nod yes.  People thought I was talking to myself.  It got so I would leave my shoe laces undone so I could bend down to see if my hand would go through a foot to ascertain if it was the foot of a spirit or not. People found me very touchy.

Often in the middle of the night I would wake up and there would be a face, as clear as a bell, right at my nose.  Scared the daylights out of me on more than one occasion!

There were spirits around that fed off addictions, like alcohol or drugs, and if I tried to help the person who was afflicted I was blocked or attacked.  Even when I gave information about someone who had passed, people would get downright perturbed, not listen, and tell me to be quiet.  Some people distanced themselves from me.

So many spirits intruding in my life, it got to be a circus.  I couldn't concentrate on my music career and had little spare attention to explore my own personal journey.  That is when I asked or pleaded that my seeing these spirits be shut down, unless I chose to see them.  My prayers were answered.

Now, a spirit will show up when it is required. For instance at funerals, I always see the person who has passed; they often come right up to me.  Catherine, my wife, is aware of spirits around us and other people and will ask me who is in the corner or wandering about the hallway.  As soon as she brings it to my attention I can see them clearly. So, to see if she is seeing clearly and to help her hone her skills, I ask questions.  Is it male or female? What is it wearing? Why is it here?  Who is it attached to?   Catherine tells me and I find that Catherine is always right.   Otherwise I don’t look for spirits anymore unless I'm facilitating a session.


Flashes of Insight

In the early 1980's, I was at a crossroads in my life; I was miserable and angry.  Having just gone through a marriage breakdown, I sat alone in my apartment wondering where I was headed.  I was on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, round and round.  One evening I was curled up on my sofa, eyes closed, tears creeping out, when my sensitivities forced my eyes open.  In front of me danced thousands of sperm-like lights.  They shimmered, the intensity of their glow fluctuating as they randomly spun about.  The lights seemed to mingle in scattered groups before merging into a huge glowing sphere before me and then the ball split into surging waves that swirled away and back again like a murmuration of starlings, shimmering in every corner of my vision. Never having seen such a thing before, I felt like a child in a magical place, some never-before-seen fairyland. I was mesmerized, so spellbound I don't think I took a breath or blinked.  Minutes, maybe hours, passed before I dared shift my line of sight to see if the lights were also behind me and below me.  I lowered my gaze to discover I could not see the lights and when I looked up again, they were gone.

Those lights brought me flashes of insight.  I knew exactly what they were – all my dreams and aspirations, everything I had hoped to accomplish in my life had swirled before me, urging me, summoning me to unfurl from my melancholy.  I arose from my sofa with renewed hope and zeal, knowing that I had things to do and a mission to fulfill in pursuit of those captivating lights.

Little did I know how significant 'light' would be in my new quest, not just my dreams dancing before me but all the other kinds of light that I would encounter after.  There would be the light that protects me, light to guide my way, finding my twin flame to share in life's delights, my heart light which would allow me to serve the light, and most importantly, the enlightenments of soul light or divine light.

Did I ever see those lights again?  Yes, ten years later.  I was taking a mid daybreak, lying on the floor of the delivery truck and pondering the path I'd been on, when out of nowhere those dancing, shimmering lights appeared again.  There were fewer of them, hundreds instead of thousands, all still mesmerizing.  Their message was clear, we are fewer because you have accomplished much, keep your dreams alive, reach beyond the stars, beyond the galaxy into infinity.

Those lights ignited a spark in me that has grown exponentially with everything I learned and experienced until the flame has become so large and so bright I don't think it can ever be extinguished, like the eternal flame that travels from one destination to the next by being passed hand to hand. Today, that flame keeps my "Green Zone" well lighted as a beacon to anybody that needs me.

Might I see them again?  I think that when you have finished reading this book you may know the answer.


The Spook Group

In 1982, I was living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  During the day I occupied my time with a day job and in the evenings I was a musician playing in night clubs.   At the same time, I was part of a 'spook group' of eight deep trance channellers who met in a two hundred year-old farmhouse in the nearby county.   The channellers could leave their bodies and have another spirit enter their body and speak through them.  I could do no such thing.  I thought I was simply a medium with psychic ability.

My ability allowed me to see into a person's past lives, but I really never knew for sure if it was real.  The visions came quickly and seemed so logical.  Though, when I told people these things I was judged, sometimes unfairly.  Fortunately, those kinds of comments did not offend me, but they did give me moments of doubt about what I was seeing.  Back then it was different.  Perceiving imagery beyond ordinary sight was not mainstream thinking.  Openly talking about it was taboo, as well.  The spook group, on the other hand, was accepting and supportive; they didn't want me to be discouraged so they told me to be quiet about my gift and abilities and what I was experiencing with people until I had explored and understood them better.

I refer to the Sunday night meeting as 'spook group' because that is my pet name for the people.  That nickname really does not speak of the affection I had for them or the good work they did individually and as a group.  I really found this circle to be divinely guided, to be of service for the highest good.  I felt protected and never once doubted that my spiritual journey was being enhanced through the group and our combined experiences.  In two years I didn't miss one Sunday.

To help hold the space and for added protection our meeting times were coordinated with another group that met across the ocean in Wales.  To start the meetings we would form a circle, with a cross/crucifix in the centre, we would protect the circle in light and then we would sing the XXIII Psalm and/or Lord's Prayer to invoke higher spiritual beings to form a protective shield and repulse dark forces that might be attracted by the light.

What I learned from the group is that whenever you are doing good or advanced spiritual work there has to be an awareness and intent for the whole group to protect each other.  If one is fearful or unsure it weakens the circle of light which can allow a dark force to enter and then the circle is forced to shut down.  At the same time, I learned that the more the light the more the dark is attracted to the light, wishing to come in and cause havoc.   Summoning Christ of the Light, Archangel Michael of the Light, all the angels and our spiritual guides through prayer and song creates a more intense light and together their bright boundary can mirror back against the dark forces.

After protecting the circle in light, we did healings and performed readings on each other and after that, messages or visitors would come in the form of a spirit, speaking through another member.  It was normal for us to say something like "greetings friend".  The spirit would acknowledge one of us and we would have a dialog.  As the receptive medium, each member tried to relay the first thing they got – first glimpse, impression, message, any signal or gesture from the spirit.  We did not want to taint the visit with our own views or assumptions so we didn't waste time analyzing what we saw.  We simply relayed what was given to us.  Sometimes there was a group vision where more than one person from the group saw the visiting spirit and we'd have a lively exchange. It wasn't unusual for one of us to get a vision from someone or something related to a person in the group; those visits were meaningful and enlightening.

On my first visit to the old house, as I stepped into the livingroom, some of the group turned to stare at me.  One old soul said, "The least you could have done was say excuse me."  I was dumbfounded.  She told me I had just walked through Harold, the resident ghost who had died falling down the stairs of that house.  The stairs happened to be next to the doorway I had just walked through.  Apparently, Harold didn't like women and the group was all women until I joined them.  Harold was harmless, but he enjoyed spooking or disrupting our evening.  He liked tickling or tugging on a woman's ear, but his favourite pastime was antagonizing the resident dog who sat entranced most of the time.  Harold loved to play with the dog's tail, grabbing it so the dog would spin in a circle or yelp at inopportune times.  Despite what Harold did we kept coming back.  He is one reason I called it the spook group.

The first time I felt totally connected and accepted by the group was the night I had a vision of George and Sarah.   I was meditating, my eyes closed.  I could feel myself get larger in my head and body.  My chest ached.  I saw a man and a woman above my head.  I didn’t hesitate and asked out loud, “Who is George and Sarah?”  Carwen, the Welsh lady who held the circle said, "I suspect it could be my mother and father."  To pull pure information from me and not put ideas into my head her questions were phrased very carefully.  "Tell me about George.”

"He's very high up," I said.


I told her, "In a church."  She verified that her father was a deacon in the Anglican Church.  Eventually, she pressed for information about how he felt about what we were doing.

I said when he was on earth he thought a group like ours was all occult.  Where he is now he sees the whole picture and considers what we do as an extension of love.  For someone who had been reproached by her father for her beliefs, it was a monumental moment that he finally gave Carwen his blessing.  I was very proud to have delivered that message to her.

When George left with Sarah the pain in my chest went with him.  I asked, "Why did I have that pain?"

"My father died of tuberculosis.  The spirits often bring in a major condition to help you recognize them."

Carwen also had Malcolm hanging around near her.  Malcolm was her loving protective husband who had passed.  He was totally harmless, but another mischievous soul, similar to Harold, like they had some competition going.  He kind of adopted everyone in the spook group and would let the gals know he was around by stroking their hair.  We got used to him being around.  Usually he did not bother me much.  However, one evening when the entire spook group came to hear me entertain at a Guelph bar Malcolm did a classic.  I was performing "Always a Woman to Me" by Billy Joel.  Singing and playing the piano, with the ladies in attendance, I was putting my whole heart into that number.  It's a demanding melody that doesn't allow you a moment for an extra breath and your hands are busy on the keyboard so you can't even raise a finger to wave to the audience. Malcolm slipped in beside me and like a feather floating about my face, he tickled my nose through the whole number.  Humorous guy?  That night, I thought not.

In the spook group, we shared experiences, visions, and wisdom.  As part of the spook group, I was like a sponge participating in many 'over-the-top' very inspiring Sunday evenings.  We were exploring and developing our gifts in a safe environment. 

I experienced some groundbreaking moments within the group.  I learned so much, and to this day, I feel privileged to have been part of it.  What I learned back then is now being accepted, even celebrated by more of the general public.  Today, I can talk to total strangers about what I do and when I tell them that I guide people through Past Life & Spiritual Journeys, most people will share a psychic experience.  I believe it is because many more people are tuned into their extrasensory consciousness.   I realize now that I was an indigo scout paving the way and pioneering new concepts without even knowing it.  Perhaps, my two years with the spook group is the subject of another book.

But, I must share one more thing about me as part of that group.

In the beginning, I felt pretty uppity about being in this spook group.  I did get a head on my shoulders, thinking I was privileged or special in some way – more so after Calwen's father's spirit visited through me.  Fortunately for me, all through my life there have been moments when the universe, friends, strangers, or situations have slapped me in the face or knocked me off a high horse.  Of course, I say this metaphorically, but the truth is that over the years I've been humbled and made to take notice of my shortcomings, which has allowed me opportunities to learn some of life's great lessons.   And, I have paid attention.

This happened one evening with the spook group.  It wasn't often that a spirit skipped the preliminaries to come forth with a direct or swift message. One night just after we did the healings, a spirit, who was in the woman directly across from me, abruptly leaned forward to within three feet of my face and spoke, almost yelling, "You drive around in your delivery truck and judge people for being unaware, stuck, or closed-minded.  You go over in your head that you are so much more aware or better than them…well, you are no better than anyone else!"

I was in total shock, and I mean dumbstruck shock.  That woman was not capable of such a tirade and I'd never told anyone I was meeting with the spook group, so it was no one from my social or family circle.  Not one person in the spook group recognized the spirit that spoke to me that night.  I thought, oh my God, these darn spirits are everywhere, you can’t hide from them, even in the privacy of my own truck, heck not even in the privacy of my own brain.

Since that moment I've been vigilant to keep an open mind and careful about the essence of my innermost thoughts. That spirit brought me a great eye-opening lesson to guide me for the rest of my life.  Like I said, I pay attention. I take these messages or lessons very seriously.  Also, over the years I've learned that it's okay to make mistakes as long as we take value from them and learn to not repeat those mistakes.

As Edgar Cayce explained, the top fifty percent of our life is all these lessons and issues that we have agreed to work on this life and the bottom fifty percent is free will.  There may be thousands of lessons and issues, based on all lifetimes.  When we opt, through free will, not to deal with an issue or learn a lesson when it presents itself it will be put off to later in life, and if we keep opting out or putting it off the thing carries forward to our next life.  We did contract to learn that lesson, so it will keep surfacing or rearing up until we deal with it.

Are There Really Any Secrets

Like my secret innermost thoughts being revealed, I had another experience that made me wonder if there ever could really be a secret in this world.  In August of 1984, I decided to go off milk.  My digestive system wasn't working well with milk and it didn’t seem to resonate with me anymore.  I mean it was meant for cows not humans.  I didn’t tell anyone.  I mean it's not exactly a romantic conversation with a girlfriend to say, "Milk bungs me up."  I never heard anything like that from a buddy and it was not something I wanted the spook group to talk about.  I didn't even tell my mother.  No one knew I had quit milk.  I went from rice milk to vanilla soy to almond milk.

Three months later I attended a Spiritualist Church where a lady at the front was giving random messages to people in the Church. She looked at me amongst the seventy-five people there, pointed her finger and said, “The spirits want to congratulate you for going off milk."

Psychic Sweat

The first time I experienced psychic sweat was in the spook group.  We had just experienced a spirit speak through a lady sitting nearby.  She reached out to me and said, “Touch my hands.”

Her palms and fingers were coated in something very sticky, like thick pulsating syrup.  Maybe it really didn't vibrate, but it discharged something that caused a tingling sensation. "What is this?"

 “Psychic sweat," she said.  "Don’t worry.  In about two to three minutes it will evaporate."

The Mentor's Touch

I think that we might agree that women are more open to spiritual adventures and willing to change, and in this spook group I was a man in the minority.  One of the ladies, Heather, took me under her wing and became my mentor.  She would say, "Allan stand against that wall; I want to look at your aura."  Then we would trade places so I could study her aura.  She gave me countless readings, offered advice, and challenged me to use my abilities in ways I hadn't considered, and she also helped me to focus.

One day Heather knocked on the door of my apartment.  When I let her in she locked the door behind me, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me towards the living room sofa.  When I asked, “What are you doing?” she said, “Just follow me.”

She told me to sit on the floor, which I did, and she lay down on the L-shaped sofa. Again, I asked, “What are you doing?” She said, “You are going to take me back into a past life.”  Whereupon, I emphatically replied, “Like heck I am!”

Everything next happened so fast I had little choice.  She said, “Close your eyes; I’m going back."  Since she still had this vice-like grip on my wrist, I didn't dare move.  At the same time I had tremendous respect for Heather.  So I let her hold my hand, closed my eyes, and instantly saw her in a fighter plane over the English Channel, and, just that quickly, the plane crashed into the ocean.  Suddenly, the temperature in the apartment plummeted and became ice cold – I felt we were under the freezing water.

Heather had journeyed to a past life.  The whole episode lasted maybe thirty seconds and within that time I saw what she saw and felt her fear as she struggled to stay alive.  The plane crash was extremely real and visual; it was the first time I felt such an emotional impact from a past life experience. At that point, I realized that I have the ability to see what people see and feel what they feel, when they journey.    No wonder I call it 'the first journey'.  Though I had been seeing past life visions, I had not actually journeyed with someone so voluntarily, had not seen one quite so vividly clear, or felt the experience so intensely.  Seeing things psychically allowed me to genuinely feel it through my heart.  It was the first time I'd had such an intense past life experience.

Just as I was emotionally absorbing it all, Heather journeyed to an earlier past life.

I saw Heather lying in an open grave, no casket, most likely pioneer days. I went into panic mode.  I mean this is my first day experiencing any of this and Allan Green was truly green.  I demanded that Heather get out of the grave.

I remember her answer very distinctly.  "No, I am quite happy here."

Happy?  Lying in a grave?  I didn't like it one bit.  How was I going to get her out of that pit of dirt?  "Heather, I am ordering you to get out of that grave right now!"

"No I’m fine."

Suddenly, the strangest thing happened. I was inside her body, looking up to the blue sky, seeing clouds through her eyes, and feeling how peaceful she was lying there.  I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to get the message, and, instantly, I was back above the grave looking down at her.  I realized I was her husband standing there at that time.

I asked Heather, "Can you see me above the grave?"

She answered she could.  "Can you see my hand?" Again, a yes.  "Grab onto it."  Whoosh she was out of the grave, and we walked into the light together.

It was a peaceful ending to that past life experience and a closure this life.

Afterward, Heather just lay there with her eyes closed.  I sat quietly, thinking and waiting.  I grasped that I had just learned lesson number one.  There is a reason for a person to be guided to a particular place and time.   Heather and I were guided to that grave for a reason.  Part of her soul was trapped back there.  The guides took us back there to bring that lost part of her forward to this life.  Over the years, I've found that it is quite common to see this during a past life journey, where parts of a person can be scattered because of choices, guilt, or longing.

The second thing I learned was that I could not control these journeys, and I could not change what had already happened to her physical existence.  There was no way I could have stopped that plane from crashing, nor could I have ordered Heather out of that grave.  What happened to her spiritually was up to Heather and the guides.  I understood my role in the journeys.  I could only help people look into the window of their soul or past lives, and, using the best of my ability, I could help ease whatever processes they had to go through.

Lesson number three was not to be fearful, trusting that our guides will forewarn us of danger; provide factual information, clues, or pathways so we can pull ourselves out of a fearful situation with ease.  I feared for Heather in that grave, maybe even feared for myself in some way, but I learned that in the end I had more to learn than to fear.

This is what I mean about Heather helping me.  What a great blessing her challenges were.  That day Heather taught me so much that has helped propel me forward to this day.  To me nothing can be more meaningful than discovering what it is like to genuinely feel through my heart – it is what allows me to recognize and feel the significance of past life experiences which in turn helps me guide a person through the experience with ease.  Heather was definitely an angel put in my path to enlighten and uplevel me on many dimensions.

The Show That Changed My Life

Like how the early explorers might have felt discovering new worlds, or a doctor's emotions after having performed the first successful heart transplant, I spent the next few days trying to absorb what I had seen, felt, and learned.  What I'd reaped from spook group Sundays was valuable, but that afternoon of past life experiences with Heather was definitely an eye-opener.  My sense of purpose was revealing itself in fairly graphic detail, and I needed to learn more.

A week later Heather visited again, this time, suggesting an age regression session.  When I heard the word regression I immediately thought of a life deteriorating before my eyes and I baulked.  I'd already experienced being curled up on my couch, crying, and feeling hopeless.  I didn't like to think of myself or anyone else in a state of weakness or decline.  I didn't want to see myself in a more primitive situation, especially since my life had been elevated and taken on new meaning.  Regression suggested decline or decay which was the very opposite direction toward which I was growing.  Of course, I came to realize it was the word "regression" that I objected to, not the experience itself, so from that day forward I have tried to refrain from using the word regression as it relates to my past life work. (Besides, regression is a type of therapy that is most often associated with hypnotism, which certainly has no part in what I do.)

Heather understood me.  "Let's review your life, Allan."

I lay down and closed my eyes.  She guided me back through my years from the age I was then, which was thirty-two, to the time I was born.  I reviewed an incident or two at work, my recent marital breakdown, previous relationships, and a high school kiss, all in quick succession, like a home movie on fast rewind.  I'll mention here only those highlights that in retrospect impacted my very young life.  Later in this book I delve into these incidents in more detail.  

I watched my father walk out of my life and it was a good thing rather than being traumatic.

At age nine I almost drowned.

At age eight I felt my whole body tense up, and it felt like I was trapped in concrete, a force field around me so tight and rigid that I wondered how this little boy coped or even breathed.  This was due to enormous stress, layers and layers of it extending over and out from my body.  Heather could see the tension in my body, and asked what's wrong.  I told her that my parents were breaking up, fighting, and it frightened me. Seeing this episode replay made me realize the kind of pressure I was under at that age.  It was horrible, and I felt sad for myself.  I suppose I felt it was my fault the way many children do.  (I would never want to put a child through that and would do what I could to stop it if I knew it was happening to another child.)

I saw myself in a baby carriage in the foyer of a church.  I was looking at a great aunt holding a shiny coin in front of my face.  I grabbed it, and everyone around me clapped and laughed. (After that life review with Heather, I asked my mother about this event and she told me it was a tradition in her family to give a child a silver dollar bearing the year of the child's birth.  I have this silver dollar and there is more to the story, which I'll write about later).

That afternoon, after the life review Heather guided me into a past life of my own.  This was "my own" first past life experience.

I first saw what seemed like three trees.  I was on the ocean.    Then I realized that instead of trees, it was three masts of a clipper ship. I stood on its deck smoking a pipe and thinking about how proud I was.  I was Jack Skinner the captain one of the first vessels of its kind carrying precious cargo from one end of the world to another. I had a wife and son at home and I missed them, but I surely loved the sea.

Next, I saw myself older, a weathered skipper on a wharf, too old to be on the open sea, left to wandering the streets of Nantucket, still smoking my pipe.  I was heading home when I met my first mate on the street; he was drunk as a skunk. I was shocked to recognize him from my current circle of friends and acquaintances. 

The home I lived in was familiar in a strange way, like a place from my current life – but at the time I couldn't pinpoint how or where.  It was an old and empty place, lonely for a man who'd been surrounded by seafarers most his life.  Somehow I knew that my family and friends had gone or passed away, and I was completely alone.

Then I Captain Jack Skinner shot myself.  Dead at seventy-two.

And just like that my past life journey was over.

For my first experience being guided, I found this profound.  Afterward, when I began to recount the experience with Heather I found out that, though Heather was guiding me, she was not really seeing it or feeling it with me.  Our extrasensory abilities have similarities but in this respect we are significantly different.  When I experienced Heather's past lives I could see and feel them with her.  Heather's experience was very different than mine.   She didn't feel my despair and she missed that I had committed suicide. For me the suicide was unsettling; I did not tell her about it for three or four days.  I had stomach cramps for a few days, nothing serious just uncomfortable.  When I finally told Heather she said, "We could have healed that."

Healed that?  Traumas, including the loneliness, despondency, and pain of death had clung to me in my life as Captain Jack.  Heather told me later that there was no need for that; she could have taken away the uneasiness and given me emotional release right away if I’d told her at that time.  Another major lesson learned.

I had carried that suffering through my next lives, adding to the accumulation of traumas, each associated with a variety of emotions that were affecting me in the present.  That journey helped release me from so much of that negativity, and, in a few days, I recognized how much better I was feeling.  It was another of my lessons to make sure a person never walked away without healing themselves from a past life trauma, and to help a person understand why we suffer, as well as how we can ease our suffering.  The same holds true for helping a person recognize, within a past life, the virtues, values, courage, or triumphs that bolster our wellbeing.  I believe that if Heather and our guides hadn't shown me that, I probably would not have chosen to embark on this career path.

That journey helped me realize other things, too.  One, the connection we have to people and places continues from one life to another, though the roles we play within each other's life changes.  Two, the interests, abilities, traits or practices from one life may enhance or harm the person's well-being from one life to another.

 Take Captain Jack's seafaring career as an example of that.  My seafaring passion in that life streamed into this life, continuing as my fascination with wind, water, and sailing.  I can tell when a wind is coming and pinpoint the moment it hits the surfboard or boat I am in.  Some of my favourite memories include surfing, scuba diving, and sailing.  I love windsurfing.  I even made my own windsurfing board, which you see in this photo where I sail steadfastly into the unknown.  I jumped many a wave with it, in the nine years I used it.

I found new aspects of sailing that didn't exist in the days of the clipper ships.  Things like Dacron sails, aluminium booms, fibreglass masts and hulls, graphite fins, plastic, Kevlar, neoprene wet suits, all such amazing light-weight, functional materials, allowing me to feel the exhilaration of being right on the water, skimming the surface with my body mere inches away, and to hold the sail that moves me.  How, I love that I live near the water where 5,000 lakes are but an adventure away.

I like to think of my dedication to the sea – the wood, rope, instruments my hands touched in the 1800's, the ship I sailed.  I’ve owned small sailboats, windsurfers, and sea kayaks, but never felt the urge for a big sailboat.  After all, I sailed a clipper ship; you can't beat that?

It's rather funny that my first real job other than music was working for UPS whose slogan at that time was: "We run the tightest ship in the shipping business".

Another connection is my first mate, a drunken sailor in that past life.  Today, that person has traded that drunkenness for another addiction in this life, always trying to hang around famous musicians and pretending he’s one of them and just as talented.

For me, the most significant connection is my home from that past life as Captain Jack.  I did figure out how I recognized it.  I have a picture of it on a slide from my 1979 visit to Nantucket off the New England Coast. The house may still stand today.  I was there as part of a honeymoon trip.  On that trip, I remember the feeling that came over me when we drove around Martha's Vineyard, that it felt sentimental, more of a pilgrimage than a touristy thing. I remember that, on Nantucket Island, when I spied that house, I just had to stop and spend time there.  It's one of the few photos I have from that trip.  Now I know why.

One other event stands out from that honeymoon excursion.  We were driving a sporty 1976 MGB.  As I paused before turning onto a side road, a black convertible with its top up came over the hill.  I couldn't miss noticing it was a mint condition 1955 Mercedes Benz.  As I made the turn the Benz slowed down – I presumed to admire our MGB – and there in the driver's seat sat Carly Simon with James Taylor in the passenger seat. I was literally face to face with her. Carly smiled.  It was just seconds but it was a smile one never forgets.  I was more than a fan.  A solo professional musician at the time, I performed their music, too.

 They drove off and in the next heartbeat my wife insisted, "Follow them! Get their autograph!"  I respected them too much to do that.  I did not chase after them; for me that chance meeting was special enough.  They deserved their privacy, not someone chasing them down the road and knocking on their door at all hours for an autograph, conversation, or lunch.  For the remainder of the trip, the lyrics from Carly's song "Anticipation" danced in my head, its best line: 'cause, these are the good old days.  That was definitely one fantastic day and how appropriate that song was to my life which later came to be filled with so much eagerness and hope.

We've all heard of near death experiences being transformative.  The review of my life and my first guided past life experience were life-changing for me.  It was similar to watching a movie and identifying with the main actor.  It was a show that changed my life.  I could see my role as a past life facilitator taking shape, my path or mission becoming more clear.  With heightened anticipation I embarked on facilitating past life and spiritual journeys.

You have just reviewed the first 25 pages of this 435 page book which consists of 226 entertaining and enlightening stories or anecdotes.

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