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BioMat is the only mat of it's kind to combine Far Infrared, Negative Ions, and Amethyst Therapies for a true mind, body and spirit healing experience.

Deep-penetrating, healing treatment - infrared rays and an influx of negative ions, stimulates the body to heal and regenerate with unprecedented speed.

BioMat delivers the highest vibrational resonance deep into all tissues of the human body. The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.


BioMat Professional comes with a 3-Year Warranty and Lifetime Trade-In option.

US FDA Registered Medical Device

Be sure to watch the free 20-minute video and learn how this magnificent health tool alleviates ailments and restores vitality!  

Healing Power of Nature - Amethyst Medicine Stone
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Home Use - Multi-Functional & Portable

You could be getting chronic "pain relief" and therapeutic sleep on your very own Bio-Mat. To place an order or ask questions please email or phone:613.479.0299.

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Biomat Technology

BioMat is a unique innovation in bio technology containing seventeen different layers and more than twenty-eight of amethyst crystals which naturally produce and are superconductors of Far Infrared Rays. When the BioMat is turned on, pulses of energy (DC-Current)  radiate through the layer containing the Japanese Kurare Carbon Ceramic Super Fiber material generating Long Wave Far Infrared Rays (8-12 micron) that the human body can easily absorb.

The superconductor properties of the amethyst crystals amplify these Bio Natural rays so they can penetrate the body six to eight inches.

BioMat also has a special function that generates a discharge of negative Ions into the air and transforms positive Ions to negative ions inside the human body. This process changes the acidic condition of the body to alkaline which is it's natural healthy state.


Enhance Strength, Stability and Vigor

Amethyst bolsters the production of the hormones, and strengthens the cleansing organs, the circulatory system and blood, the immune system and body metabolism. Amethyst soothes the nervous system and aids in the transmission of neural signals. Memory skills improve with the use of this stone in therapy.

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Health Benefits of the BioMat

Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function - far infrared waves raise body temperature, warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels. There is an increase in peripheral blood flow and volume, resulting in improved circulation and heart function.

Improves Immune System Function - the deep heat from the far infrared rays increases body temperature, inducing an artificial and healthy fever. As the body works to combat the "fever" the body's immune system is activated and strengthened. Combined with the detoxification of harmful toxins and waste products, one's overall health and resistance to disease are greatly improved.

Relieves Pain - the deep heat of the far infrared helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles, so they recover faster.

Burns Calories and Controls Weight - as one relaxes in the gentle heat of the far infrared, one's body is actually hard at work, producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories. According to a Journal of the American Medical Association report, a single far infrared session burns as many calories as rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.

Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness - far infrared heat therapy is widely used to treat patients suffering from many kinds of arthritic and musculo-skeletal disorders. In addition, it has been proven effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and many other musculo-skeletal ailments. Stiffness, aches and soreness that come with aging are reduced or eliminated using far infrared.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue - the gentle warmth of the far infrared rays helps to soothe nerves and relax tight or knotted muscles, resulting in reduced stress and improved energy and a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Improves Skin - the Bio-Mat's far infrared and negative ions penetrate the skin deeply, helping detoxify impurities from the skin and lymphatic system. In addition, exfoliation is greatly enhanced by the far infrared, rapidly removing dead skin cells. Increased circulation draws the skin's own natural nutrients to the surface, rejuvenating the skin's health and appearance.

Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification - far infrared helps to detoxify the body in several important ways. Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste. Daily sweating can help detoxify the body as it rids itself of an accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, and uric acid. In addition to causing the body to sweat, far infrared is capable of removing toxins via several other bodily systems.

"You will wonder how you ever lived without it" You could be getting chronic "pain relief" and therapeutic sleep on your very own Bio-Mat. Please email or phone:613.479.0299 if you have questions or to place an order.

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