Reasons for Doing Past Life and Spiritual Journeys

There is no easy answer to the question of why one should you do a Past Life or Spiritual Journey.  Phrases like deeper understanding, more meaningful existence, or emotional healing easily come to mind when discussing reasons for doing a Past Life or Spiritual Journey.  The simple truth is that we all want to be able to live life more abundantly. 

In our quest for life and its deeper meaning, a new experience such as a Past Life or Spiritual Journey, coupled with its revelations and insights, expands our consciousness and gives us substantially more knowledge and understanding and a clearer sense of our role or purpose in the universe.

Spiritual Growth Tool
Awareness Answers Long Sought After Questions
Insights Clear Blockages That Hold Us Back
Create Balance, Harmony, Joy and Abundance in Life


A Past Life Journey or Spiritual Journey is an edifying exploration


"Many people reject the idea of looking into their past lives for problems, as they claim to have enough troubles in their present life. This seems valid enough at first; however when exploring into their past lives, the conflicts and problem areas of their present life nearly always appear to have stemmed from traumatic events in their earlier lives.

It is the emotional, mental, and physical residue retained from their past incarnations which influences and interferes with their present life experiences. The object of Past Life Journeys is to locate and resolve these past life conflicts and eliminate these residues. The present life can be lived more fully and freely without past life experiences acting as a filter over all present life experiences."  (author unknown) **

      Spiritual Growth Tool


I have been doing this work as long ago as Egypt, when Edgar Cayce was my father.  It was natural to explore past lives even then.  Past lives, as well as more immediate awareness of contact with our guides, have not always been  easy to access.  The veils are lifting.  All is available at our finger tips.

As a part of your spiritual growth it can be for you, too. For those who care about their path this is an amazing tool that is quick and precise, powerful and immediate, life changing and empowering.  Who knows you the best? It is your guides and higher self and over soul, all working in conjunction with your life book and loving you unconditionally, no matter what you do in service for life or until a more highly evolved guide is chosen because you have progressed.  Your guides are the ones in control during a session, and they create a pathway to me, so that you can do your work and find your truth.

As facilitators we put out the word via cards, pamphlets, websites etc.  however, ultimately the guides choose the facilitator, because he or she can be trusted and is wise enough and humble enough to get out of the way so the guides can do their work. The facilitator needs to be open to all energies and possibilities, willing to trust the channelling that comes in all its wondrous aspects. To be in a place of “NO” - no ego, judgement, control, or agenda - is to be in a place of unconditional love.

      Awareness Answers Long Sought After Questions


The awareness we achieve as a result of a Past Life Journey can help to answer long sought after questions:

  • Why am I drawn to some people and not to others?

  • Why do I have a powerful attraction to a particular country or culture?

  • How do I know this person in a past life?

  • What did I do in a past life?

  • What is my life lesson this time? 

      Insights Clear Blockages That Hold Us Back


The insights from these journeys can help clear away blockages that hold us back:

  • We can discover why our experiences repeat the same pattern and from that learn ways to help heal unhealthy patterns.
  • Knowing where our fears or phobias originate from helps us to unleash ourselves from their restraints.
  • Past life conflicts or traumatic events can affect or impede our present life decisions, relationships, and our overall emotional, psychological and physical well-being.  In a journey we can view these struggles or distressing connections in a past life and resolve the issue or purge ourselves of their influences to be able to live our present life more fully. 

Learning more about ourselves, gaining this clarity and having fewer restraints allows us to centre our energies on living life rather than reacting to it.

      Create Balance, Harmony, Joy and Abundance in Our Lives


Each journey we make is an exploration of the quintessence of who we really are, our uniqueness, our purpose and our service.  We come from a journey feeling connected and surrounded by unconditional love.  We can create and enjoy enhanced relationships.  Alive with all this new knowledge aids us in creating more balance, harmony, joy and abundance in our lives.

Outwardly, the experience of a Past Life Journey is enjoyable and fascinating.  What we experience can be compared to viewing a slide show or movie. Each of us has his or her own movie and in that movie each of us is the main character at several stages and levels of existence.  There is never a risk of being harmed.  Everything that takes place in a Past Life Journey happens for your highest good!

Underneath, a Past Life Journey or Spiritual Journey is an edifying exploration. This is an expansion of consciousness, greater than everyday life.  Its benefits are restorative, powerful and immediate, life changing, and empowering.  Because we experience the journeys, actually see them and feel them – it is not told to us in a narrative – its familiarity and the comfort of the experience stays with us for a lifetime.  In fact, we can revisit time and time again for healing and recuperative energy.

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**  The original author of the paragraph we noted and the information entitled "Meaning of Past Life Recall" is not known.  Excerpts or variations have been found in a variety of other written sources and none give credit to an author.  What is said in both instances is both true and important. 

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