The Meaning of Past Life Recall

There are at least four levels of meaning of the Past Life journey experience. At the most superficial level, it is fun and interesting to explore one’s past to see oneself as the various characters in earlier dramas. It is simply an excursion through time.
The second level is the therapeutic experience. Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively solved through Past life Journeys, usually in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic and these conditions may clear up or begin to ease with Past Life Journeys.

The third level is an educational journey into spiritual reality, the so called “inner planes” of consciousness. The subject can experience the greater reality of spirit - past, present and, some cases, future. There is a deeper realization of purpose in life or lives, a clearer sense of the meaning of relationships and the transpersonal aspects of existence.

The fourth level of altered state journeys experience is the ineffable feeling of Oneness, of being connected to all and everything in the Universe, being a part of God, Goddess, All that is.

In truth, Past Life Journey work, is a form of spiritual psychotherapy.

A Past Life Journey or Spiritual Journey
is an edifying exploration


      Exploration of Our Uniqueness and Our Purpose


Each journey we make is an exploration of the quintessence of who we really are, our uniqueness, our purpose and our service.  We come from a journey feeling connected and surrounded by unconditional love.  We can create and enjoy enhanced relationships.  Alive with all this new knowledge aids us in creating more balance, harmony, joy and abundance in our lives. Read More About the Benefits


The familiarity and the comfort of the experience stays with us for a lifetime and can be revisited for healing and recuperative energy.

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