This is what I wear around my neck. The pendant on the left is the sound “OM “ sometimes spelled "OHM", which is the sound of creation, often chanted during mediation. On the right is the Tibetan seed syllable for “AH" the God sound.  In every description of God there is the sound of “AH” (G ah d) - Jehovah, Allah,  Buddha, Krishna, and for those who believe Christ is God, his other name, Sananda etc.

When you put the AH and OM together you get the sound “AH “ - “OM ” which is where Shalom (which means Peace) comes from.

I had bought the two pendants in the six months leading up to meeting Catherine and moving to Ompah, Ontario.  Catherine told me, “You need to put a “P” in the middle of those two symbols." Then I knew I was home.

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