Allan Green


In 1994 I was attending a Kryon event in Toronto.  It was Lee Carol's first time to Toronto and he told us that the Toronto area was a major energy centre and vortex on the planet,  especially in North America. He also told us that one day it would open fully and be a major light force. We all could feel that this was true.

Then the three-day blackout happened on and around August 14, 2003.

Shortly after that I was guiding a fabulous young man through his Past Life & Spiritual Journeys in London, Ontario. He had come from Toronto to journey again with his guides. He had been through a session a few years before where we found out he had similar vibration energy like that of James, the brother of Jesus. He stated that right after that original session with me he was able to channel many beings and agreed to give me a channel after the session. When he did channel and he spoke I heard many voices speaking through him at once. They/He said that the energy vibration called Toronto was suppressed and wished to open fully, but could not because the whole area was too busy; that the congested energies were too strong and holding Toronto down via hydro lines and power lines which were not consistent for the calm reboot necessary; that the powers that be heard the call and shut down the whole grid system so that the vortex could open and after three days it was complete.

After that there was a trial period to see if it would hold and the next year the Dali Lama came to Toronto and sealed it open - not a coincidence that he came for his first ever visit at that time. 

A personal note: I had a vision with my girlfriend a week before the Dali Lama arrived.  This happened while we were sleeping. We had a vision of the two of us on Toronto Island, where we were creating a large circle on the ground and I was to lie in it for some unknown ritual. I looked up in the sky and there was a giant Buddha eight-part wheel floating and rotating slowly above Toronto. I was telling her to hurry up, because I had to do something important, and then we awoke.

So I believe many spiritual people were involved in helping to anchor that light and vortex in Toronto at that time.