by Allan Green



Years ago in 1982, I was a part of a Spook Group, Meaning a group of Deep Trance Channelers  who could leave their body and allow a being or entity to enter into them and then speak through them. I could not do that I was just a Medium, but for two years every Sunday night until 1985 I revelled in one fabulous metaphysical learning experience after another. The experiences were always safe and we freed many lost souls to the light. I could tell tales that would fill a book, but the instance of the coin is the most personal.

One night we opened the circle, sang the Lord Is My Sheppard, and sealed the circle in light. After everyone was comfortable, I sat back to see what the guides would show me. To my amazement I felt myself, as a one year old baby boy, in my baby carriage in the Fourier of St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Stratford Ontario. I was looking through my eyes and could see my Great Aunt coming towards me with something, I grabbed onto it and everyone around me laughed. I came out of the experience amazed but confused as to why it was shown to me in what seemed to be a vision and yet I was totally there!

The next day I called my Mother and asked what happened in the Church Fourier with my Great Aunt when I was one? Oh she said, “There was a custom that an older relative would give you a silver dollar of the year you were born, on your one year birthday and if you held it you would be rich in your life and if you let it go you would be poor all your life….you grabbed onto it and we all laughed”. She then said, “I saved it for you.  It’s that 1949 Silver Dollar you have in your cufflink case. I was in shock I had actually been back there and experienced the whole event.

Many years later I had the coin customized with a ring in case I ever wished to wear it. The first time it left the house was  the spring of 2011.  For some strange reason I placed it in my pocket and took it with me when I went to work in Burlington, Ontario. There I asked the Spiritual and psychic woman who was hosting us, to hold this in her hand and tell me about it. She did not see what it was but said, ”this is very important to you; this is your Compass”. I was overjoyed.  Wow, I thought who needs a crystal around your neck this has double meaning. 

I was to find that it meant even more.

Upon returning to OMPAH, Catherine took a close look at the side of the coin that has the ship, and read some words on a bar below the ship, which stated, "Floret Terra Nova", which means “To Nourish the New Earth”.  This has been my main mission and goal, along with helping the planet ascend for many lifetimes.  Now the coin has much more meaning to me.

Then later on in 2011 Catherine and I saw the movie the Kings Speech, which is about basically finding your voice, and speaking your truth. Not surprisingly on the flip side of the coin is a likeness of King George the Sixth (VI), whom the movie was written about. I wear this coin now constantly, and with pride.

Apparently if the coin was a 1948 Silver Dollar it would have been worth thousands of dollars.  I am just as happy. 

Hope you enjoyed the story, it is timely and magic the way the events unfolded.  Blessings.