by Allan Green

On October 30th 2000 on the full moon, the Avalon energies came back on the planet and people started getting their own "Dragon" and "Merlin" to help them on their spiritual journey or path. You could have had a Dragon or Merlin since birth; it came in when you needed protection from childhood trauma or at some crisis point in your life. Sometimes it was karmic, often planned in advance to show up at a point when you were ready to evolve. Most people are not even aware they have a Dragon. People who receive a Dragon or Merlin will say their spiritual journey really started to move forward, as it was often their Dragon assisting with permanent help from the other side. Merlins usually give your Dragon commands on your behalf until you realize you have a Dragon and then the Merlin leaves.

Dragons can be as small as the palm of your hand, as big as a room, or as big as a building. Dragons take you into the past and future. You can ride on its back into the universe, higher or lower worlds, multidimensional lives sideways , and inter-dimensional planes. Your Dragon is an extension of you, always a good thing, curious and comforting, wise and courageous.

Earth, Fire, and Air Dragons can be sent to protect family and friends - just by your concern about them -  and they will send back information about the situation like a psychic link. This is a real advantage for those who care deeply.

Your Dragon may change its name as you progress to different aspects of your life, spiritual personality and environment. There will come a time, (just once) when your Dragon will morph right into you. This means you are working in perfect harmony and you both have accepted the union and connection. You may feel your fingernails get longer, your eyes become more intense, your skin texture seems scaly, and your body has Dragon wings.  This will only occur once.  It is like a celebration of your teamwork and bond in the future.

Male Dragons are common; females are rarer and therefore precious. You may have several Dragons for different functions.  They can even bring you clients if you are an energy worker or facilitator. Your Dragon knows you better than you know yourself. In past lives, where you were a farmer, you did not require a Dragon. This life many of us are "Spiritual Warriors" and therefore find it an advantage to have powerful help from the other side. Dragons can be an combination of earth, air, water, or fire,

Dragons are not always around, but they show up in a second if you need them. The exception is with water Dragons who are with you always and even work while you are sleeping. If you have a water Dragon, your life is probably in continuous flow, where one event connects to another with ease, or a link joins with a worthwhile moment. It is a great honour to have a Dragon; they demand respect, and deserve it. When you are working with a client and you feel danger you can ask your Dragon to wrap its wings around you and the client. If you were giving a talk in a stadium and felt a negative force approaching you could ask your Dragon to wrap its wings around the whole stadium. All Dragons know other Dragons and their owners, or more their "charges". In your journey with your Dragon you may meet other Dragons and their charges. Your Dragon will often let you know there is danger, but more often give you a sensation to let you know when you are fearful about moving ahead with some issue and that he/she has prepared the way, organized everything and that it is safe to progress, and to "go for it !" (Have you noticed a weird sensation, like no other when you mention the name of your Dragon or even the word "Dragon"?  All during your lifetime?  Especially since the year 2000?

I have met seven humans who are Dragons in human form. When a Dragon gives you a human name like Harry or Bob, or Sara etc. it may be because that was their human name in a past life, or to deflect their real name, so that dark forces cannot tune into them.

Dragons are serious creatures and can be very inquisitive and playful at times. Having said that, they are fierce protectors and defenders. They can be very human-like in their personalities, even humorous. Dragons in human form run on instinct with little emotion.

If you are male and have a male Dragon - like mine - and have a female mate who has a female Dragon, these Dragons may mate and produce babies. Dragons can fly over your car, sit in the back seat, surround your tent for your warmth.  As in most cases, because of free will, you have to ask them for help to do things. Many are most happy to oblige. You could have re-birthed your Dragon this life. If so, it means you are on a spiritual mission, and you need to get moving onto what you are supposed to do. 

Enjoy your journey together.