by Allan Green


My concept of "soul mates" has four levels, one and two are the same level:

 We all have a soul, so we are all soul mates.

If we have been associated in a past life, and done Karmic work together, we are sort of soul mates, they could even be part of our soul group (up to twelve in that group) or soul family (up to 144 in that group).

 The next level up is what I call "twin flame", or the most perfect relationship for working out Karma and life's lessons. 

When confronted with the next highest or final eternal mate, it is often best to stay with the twin flame, which could be someone like your husband, wife or partner, and kids, and dog, because that is your life's Karmic choice this life.

However, sometimes you can be finished with those contracts or have completed your mission with them, if the lessons are learned, and you move on  to a solo purpose or to be with your eternal mate.

 Eternal mate is the other half of you. 

Many of us are meeting up with that person to complete a mission or to heal or balance ourselves or the world this life, or if it is your last life on this planet, to leave together one last time.

The danger, if you are not focused or are not aware of your duty, is to desire to just leave and travel around the world on a sailboat together with that person and forget about everything and everyone. Not the best for growth. The meeting can be so intense or sexual that you may explode into a relationship and literally bounce off each other dramatically, or burn each other out, which may destroy the relationship. But, if you really truly love each other, you may have to start all over again - holding hands, to get to know the person on other levels , to know their mind, for example, on a deeper more solid level. This may not work. Also once you have gotten to a point and he/she has gotten to a point where you have worked through all your karma and relationships, the reward is each other and spending the rest of your life together.

I met a woman and we viewed five past lives together, and in every life, including this one, she has meet her eternal mate around her fortieth birthday.  In the case of other people, that may be at an older or younger age.  Everything is divinely guided at the proper time and orchestrated by you and your guides and your higher self and over soul, for your highest good. Free will gives you the choice to move as fast or as slow as you choose. Then again, if you don't move on life, life will move on you.