by Allan Green

When you hear songs in your Head, it is your Guides' and Angels' way of communicating with you.  Have you ever noticed that is not the whole song but just one segment that repeats over and over? They are giving warnings, info of where you are at in your present life, and answers or verification.  It is important to listen to the exact one line or section and then analyze exactly what you are thinking about, and there is your answer.

Example 1)

There was a time in the 1990’s when for a day I was totally annoyed with life, my guides, work, myself and friends. Everything was going wrong and to top it all off this stupid song and words were constantly repeating over and over in my head. Most of the time we ignore these songs thinking it’s just an old tune that we just liked at one time and never think it may be a message. 

I finally sat down, and really listened to this one line that was repeating.  The line was, “I beg your Pardon, I never promised you a Rose Garden.” The joke was on me, and the valuable tip that these were clues and messages was engrained.

Example 2)

I was loading trucks early in the morning for a delivery service. My normal job was to load two trucks, but we were short-staffed and they forced me to load five trucks at once.  I was really furious and then I accidentally fell of the end of the dock, a four-foot drop and I landed on the hard concrete. No-one noticed. I got up and continued the loading.

A few minutes later my boss started yelling at me, to hurry up. He was at the back of my truck and I was inside sorting. That was it! I felt the rage swell up inside me and I started to move towards him, with the intention of using every swear word, in my vocabulary, on him.  Suddenly a song came in my head. I stopped and listened.  Repeating over and over was, “The Sound of Silence”.  I immediately calmed down and carried on.

That night, when I came back after a strenuous day, my boss apologised for yelling at me. I told him I almost swore at him and he said, "Well, you would have been justified, but if you had, I was so stressed that I would have fired you."

Example 3)

I was thinking about finishing the writing of my book and completing a CD on Past Lives, but was worried about time and what more content I should add. Then my guides and angels gave me the truth about writing with your heart and feeling success after it is completed.

In my head was just music, no words, of a song I had written for native flute.  By listening to it, the finished satisfaction and pride felt so wonderful that I could feel the writing would flow, that I should just get to it. As if my guides and angels were saying, "Now, doesn’t that feel good? Isn’t that feeling worth the effort?"

I can give hundreds of examples of these song blips.  

These are direct contacts from your higher self or guides. Your guides are allowed to give you word hints, symbols, and feelings in order to give you guidance. Because of your free will it is your choice to accept or decide to move on these prods or not.  The universe does not wish you to suffer and, who knows, they may enhance or save your life.

FYI. The same thing happens when any four-legged , or two-legged creature shows up in an unusual way, or at a certain time. At that time, also realise what you are currently thinking about.  When you get a chance look up research one of Ted Andrew's books, "Animal Speak"  or "Animal-Wise", to learn what it means when this animal shows up in your life.  These creatures show up to teach you something or to give you an answer, so pay attention.  It is the universe directly communicating with you.  It’s a gift!