by Allan Green



For pain in your lower back, someone could be backstabbing you! Someone could be putting energetic hooks in you to hold you to them.

This can deplete your energy and weight you down. They also may like your light and wish to be like you, so they attach cords and hooks.

If you know who it is, just repeat the saying below.

If you don’t know who it is, stand in your home, in the middle of any room, (living room works well) . Start in a direction like north or south and slowly turn clockwise.  Pretend you are in the middle of a compass and stop at each directional point and feel if the negative energy is coming from that direction.  For example: face south (feel) turn to south-west, (feel) turn to west, (feel) then north-west, (feel) etc. When you feel the negative energy hit you, think about what part of the city, or town, or even area (or another town in that direction) that negative energy is coming from and who lives there.  Often, that is the person who is sending the negative energy at you.

Now, say this three (3) times starting with the persons Full Name:

 _____________  ______________ I do not accept any negative energy from you this day or any day…any negative energy you are sending to me, I send back to you… for you to deal with. I release you, you are free and I am free...any hooks that you have attached to me, I remove them all now, and send them to source. I again release you, in love and gratitude. You are free and I am free. 

Say the whole thing three times. 

You have a right to defend yourself, especially if it is crippling. Your guides and the universe will help with the shift to stop it for everyone’s highest good. Trust them to handle it, say this statement with compassion, with no feeling of revenge.