by Allan Green



Some of you may have known about or met Jasper, our grey Lhasa Apso/Poodle Dog. He was affectionately known as Master Jasper.  He passed away this morning March 4, 2010.

He was 16 ˝ years old and held massive space in our lives, and those of Catherine’s late parents and her late husband Evan. He had a sharp bark that would make you jump anywhere in the house.  He saw Spirit and let us know that Spirits were around and always informed us if an animal wanted in or out.  Every night he would bark the goblins off our land before he went to sleep.

He had such joy and love of life that he completely filled our lives with his divine presence. Jasper was wise beyond his years and will be deeply missed.

For the last week and a half  he has been having strokes so we knew his time to cross to the Light  was coming. These were small devastating episodes for us.  He said good-bye in my morning writings yesterday and Catherine had a vision of him running towards Evan, who had been waiting for Jasper to cross.  Evan helped Jasper to the Light then came back. Evan watches over Jasper while he is in Spirit to help him adjust to his new life on the other side, and he will stay around us until we have calmed from grieving.

Lhasa Apso dogs were the Tibetian monks’ dogs and they believed the spirit of the monk went into the dog upon the monk’s death.  I saw a Monk in grey robes blessing Jasper as his energy was leaving his body. L.A. our other blonde Cocka-poo remains well and just as Wiggle Bum as ever although sad.

The joy when Jasper ran full tilt towards you, made you humble and brought tears of delight, to our Hearts.

The white mane on his chest was precious. We buried him on our land this afternoon, some friends helped with the digging through the snow and frozen Earth, he was wrapped in his grey blanket. With a look like we had seen many times before when he was running into the wind in sheer abandonment of worry or fear.

He would bark away the dark forces, and let them know whose home and land it was and who was KING! He was my eyes and ears and man of the house when I traveled a lot when Catherine and I first were married.  He watched over all the animals and land and Catherine while I was away. He will never leave our Hearts.

BYE Buddy! No words for the gift of you in our lives; I have never loved an animal so much. You were a Spiritual Being in a dog's body. They say that if you really show an animal unconditional love it can re-incarnate as a human the next life - let’s hope we meet him as a human child again this life. We know you loved and admired him and his Light. Thank you all for loving him, and respecting him as the Master he was...

We'd like to share some photos of Jasper.