by Allan Green


After thousands of experiences of meeting the inner child of other people, I can tell you that your inner child starts out at age zero, like you, and is supposed to grow alongside you.  The most healthy thing is that we find your inner child is close to or the same age as you.

However, things like abuse as a child, getting married, having your own child, someone dying, or dozens of other experiences can cause enough of a traumatic experience to stop the growth of your inner child.

I never know when they will show you your inner child, but if they do, then we just see and feel.  The we discuss what stopped that inner childís growth and start it growing again,.  The child will stop at all the times it was presented with a dramatic change during your life. Even starting on a spiritual journey, changing a career, or leaving a country or home can be a bit of a shock. Women often give themselves over completely to their husband and forget about themselves when they marry .  This too, can stop their inner childís growth. Women, when they have a baby girl, will often forget themselves and dedicate themselves to that child as if that person is their own inner child. The inner child canít be any older than you are now when it grows up, but there is a very distinctive change that you will feel inside when the child merges with your current age.

Your seeing your inner child in no way actually heals the inner child or the times the child stopís growing or the traumaís, but is only an overview of your life to show you some issues or emotions, that it would be best for you to think about, deal with or let go. Still with free will and choice you can chose to work on things with a qualified professional, or not.  You can work on these issues or emotions with friends or on your own.  There will be no ill effects from what you have experienced with me, if you donít wish to go into those lessons or work things through.

Inner World

Your inner child creates itís own world inside your body.  What the child wearís or doesnít wear,  the environment, the  feeling of character, personality, or situation shows us what stopped that childís growth. There is never anyone but the inner child in this world, even in a city of 350,000 homes. The child feels as if it has no home and even if they create a home there is no one living there but them. The child says itís been living there forever by itself, yet is quite self sufficient and doesnít have a need for anyone else.

Advantage of Meeting Your Inner Child

After the inner child grows to be your age it becomes more like a brother or sister.  People have told me they feel it walking beside them, even holding their hand during troubled times, or when enjoying nature. Sometimes the inner child has a name.

Inner Child as a Fortune Teller

Once you meet your inner child you can go back anytime, during the rest of your life, to visit them.  Just close your eyes - youíve already been there - even for a few seconds, at any time, even at work.  Use the inner child to help you make decisions in your life, think of it your own personal fortune teller who canít lie to you because they are you, whatís best for you is best for them!

You can meet with your inner child, where you viewed him or her, walking along a beach, in nature, in a home etc. and ask questions about your life. You inner child will not give you any long answers, but after you have asked the question, you will feel a definite, yes or no, in your heart or gut.

Always start the question with, "Is it in my highest good to ________?" Then ask the question.  For example: Is it in my highest good to tell this person this___? : Is it in my highest good to take this course? Buy this article? Go on this trip.   Then feel the answer.. even analyze why it is a yes or no.

You canít be wrong!