by Allan Green


We all have Permanent Spirit Guides, many of them knew us in a past life and we have asked or commissioned them to help us now because of their qualities or abilities we admired or cherished from those past lives. We usually have three Main Guides, one works with our Mind, the thoughts, ideas, choices, focus, how we manifest and create with our mind.  Another works with our body, our heart, emotions, self-esteem, relationships, and energetic health.  Yet another works with our Spiritual Path, our purpose, passion and mission as well as direction on things that affect our spiritual growth along our "Life Path" like choosing to marry, have children, change jobs, move to a different home or country.

One can be a human being and a Spirit Guide for someone at the same time - a friend or relative.  A mate who has crossed over may come back as a Permanent Guide to  help through their expertise.  Also our guides, as a team, will be learning from us, providing people, situations and signs to encourage a direction forward. As  we grow they do also.

We may have numerous Guides that are not permanent and they just come in from time to time to assist us on many levels when required, like a grand-parent. As well we may have our own Dragon supporting us from the other side because more and more of us are becoming Spiritual Warriors this life.

Above our Permanent Guides is our Higher Self, another aspect of our self that goes through all our lifetimes with us helping us focus on the "grand plan" or big picture, the real goals and reason we are here on the Earth. It is often our Higher Self that speaks to us or gives us direction.  You know that small voice inside our head, the one we channel, or the one who guides our automatic writing. The power and majesty of this higher part of us truly shapes our destiny.  This Higher Self can  come down in human form as a friend, advisor, parent if there is some special mission or project to be completed.  As you can imagine the connection would be of total trust and loyalty if that aspect of us is a human confidant.

We can connect to the spirit and personality of our Higher Self  or guides through spiritual journeys.  When we do we find a surprising similarity in their traits and character, a similarity that resembles so many of our own natural ways and qualities. Through this connection we learn how our Higher Self and Guides affect us, their concerns, how they would like us to progress, and how we work together as a team.  Through Past Life and Spiritual Journeys we discover that there is a Past Life connection with our Guides, that they bring in certain light and energies that can transform our lives in positive ways.

More and more we are finding people’s Higher Selves and Over Souls are integrating  as a part of the divine plan on the planet at this time - as part of the quest for oneness.  Sometimes the integration happens during a reading or journey.  Once this connection is made we learn more about ourselves on another level.  The we can know why and how we function in line with our Divine Plan.

Above our Higher Self is our Soul, and above that is our Over Soul or our direct connection with a God Source. This is another aspect of ourselves and is pure unconditional love that works from the higher realms to bring in divine timing and grace - our Divine plan for all our lives on all the planets we have lived on, through all the dimensions of time and space. Many spiritual people connect with the concept and personality of this Over Soul with ease, feeling more in tune or more deeply connected. Our Higher Self and Over Soul work constantly as a team, each one as important as the other in our development and empowerment to find our truth. The Over Soul has all the same principles as the Higher Self as far as knowing us in a Past Life.  Their concerns, how they see things for a spiritual perspective, and truth are normally way beyond our comprehension. They have a  unique way of being and guiding us. 

They can connect us to people who have passed, for closure or if there is a need to heal or to let go.  This often happens in a journey.  This experience is very humbling as the opportunity to be a medium for healing occurs.  Individuals who  choose to venture on with the process and can forgive, let go or are open to understanding  are sometimes surprised when the names of the Higher Self and Over Souls are revealed.  These "ah ah moments" take one's breath away and the revelations can be mind enhancing as well.  What one normally doesn't know until going through a journey is the male female relationships between our Higher Self and Over Soul.  If our Higher Self is male, our Over Soul will be female, and conversely if our Higher Self is female our Over Soul will be male.

Another thing we experience, learn and understand from our Guides, Higher Self and Over Soul is about Energetic Etheric Aura Bands (four layers out from and close to our bodies), their colours and what they mean and the way they vibrate with the focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels. These Energetic Etheric Aura Bands signify the ways we have decided to approach our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels of well-being.  So often we learn from our Higher Self and Over Soul that we come from a different objective than we originally imagined, or that our concept of how we relate in those areas is totally different what we thought.  Once we connect more consciously with our Guides,  Higher Self, and Over Soul our real goals and reason we are here on the Earth begins to make sense.  Once explained we find clarity and purpose.