by Allan Green



We are living all our past lives at the same time, plus Multidimensional lives sideways, and we exist in a Higher and Lower world also. No wonder we are so tired when we get up in the morning.  As the “Lord of the Rings” said we are truly firmly in the middle.

Higher Life

We are living this existence at the very same time as the life we are in now. When someone views this life through a past life journey to find out, for example, how we know someone, the guides present to us any existence in which we have a relationship with that someone. So they may take us into a multi-dimensional or higher life situation.

There are noticeable traits of the higher life

1) The time doesn’t seem to fit - if the person was born in 1949 and they say the past life they are viewing is 1985 that cannot be, so they must be viewing their higher Life.

2) The cars may be modern, as will the homes - only the faces and gender will be different.

3) The most unique and perhaps amazing aspect of this life is that there is no violence. No one kills another or physically injures someone.  No one says a bad word.  This may seem like heaven and it is special because of a universal rule that applies to all living creatures - people still have to deal with emotions and frustrations, on the inside, but it is not acted out. We may have a close relationship with someone in this existence, but no past life experience with them. It’s like people keep things in - even their darkness - but show their light on the outside.

Lower Life

This life is the opposite of the higher life.  It is total violence and there literally is no light in this existence. In the higher world people keep their anger inside, where in the lower life the anger is right in our face on the outside and the goodness is trapped within. So these two worlds, higher life and lower life, could be classed as inside and outside worlds.

Because we are living this lower life existence at the same time as the non-violent higher life, we can feel acutely aware of our ability to slip down into the dark survival state and feel, or even take on the characteristics of the lower person.  Oppositely, we can also feel or take on the peaceful non-violent characteristics of the higher existence. I have seen the higher life of hundreds of people.  The guides, out of respect for our feelings have never shown a person's lower life;  it would leave a lasting negative impressions, which if not necessary for our positive growth.

On a personal level, I had to make a conscious choice to go and view my lower self - to prove to myself that it existed.  I was smelly, overweight, with bad teeth, bad complexion, and no manners or conscience.  Everything was dark.  I looked up in the sky and bright light was desperately trying to break through but the sky was pulled back to black like an elastic band. I fired a shotgun blast down a dark alley to let people know I was armed and ate a dried piece of bread that I found on a window ledge. Not a pretty picture!

I think all of us would be deeply upset if our guides showed us that side of ourselves.  Even though we need to embrace our dark side, we don’t need to take it on in this world.