by Allan Green


This is very simple practice to find out if some decision you wish to make is right or wrong in your life. This method works every time if you trust your body to tell you the answer - for your body never lies.

Stand and face to the north.

Starting with, "Is it in my highest good...?" ask yourself the question.

Tune into your body, ground yourself, and let the top of your body move freely.

If the answer is "Yes"  your body will lean forward or fall forward.

If the answer is "No" your body will lean back, or fall back.

The movement and answer can be quite quick and dramatic so be prepared.  You may need to rephrase the question, but most of the time your answer will be immediate and correct. This is your body, energy and heart telling you the answer, not your mind. So, donít over analyse the answer afterwards or this process is worthless. I must say that this may also be a guide behind you that is causing a push or pull.

Examples of Questions

"Is it in my highest good to __________?"

Fill in the blank with your question, which might be something like one of the following:

send this email, leave this job, breakup with this person, ask this person out,
move to a new location in _____________,
take this _____course,
go on this trip, call this person, finish this project.

Everything you need to ask can be answered, trust your body.