by Allan Green



1) When you open your wings and wish to fly you do not need to flap them;  just think where you want to go…and they will carry you.

2) Give a person a human hug, then open your wings, tilt them forward, surround you and the person, and give them an angel hug - they will feel unconditional love.

3) When you are walking down a dark street and you are afraid, open your wings, have them surround you, it gives you protection and helps make you invisible.

4) If you see someone who is in pain, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. - anyone from a small child to a co-worker - open your wings and beam love at them.  It will magnify your love by three times the power.

5) When you are in a healing mode, working with someone, or someone is yelling at you, do not take the energy totally into your body.  Instead, open your wings and let the wings absorb the energy.  Then feel what the wings are picking up and telling you.  When the person leaves your wings fold up and any negative energy falls off and dissipates.